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Kings Bangkok brings the very best of Kings courses and teaching to local students in Thailand.

  • It provides them with perfect preparation to start their life-changing educational journey abroad.
  • Once they have completed their education at Kings Bangkok, students will transfer to begin their undergraduate studies in the UK or US.

Ideal preparation
for UK University

Advanced Level Foundation: An intensive one-year academic programme developed specifically by Kings and based on UK A-levels.

The rigorous syllabus is recognised by leading UK universities as ideal preparation for degree study. The Programme is assured by Pearson and overseen by an independent advisory board comprised of UK academic experts.

Outcome: Direct progression to a top UK university.

Ideal preparation
for US University

US High School Programme: A programme which allows students to complete a US high school qualification prior to transferring to a Kings partner university in the US.

Outcome: Direct progression to the first year of a US degree with a Kings GO:Program at New York, Boston, Wisconsin or California.

GO:50. Transfer to a Top 50 US university. Guaranteed.

GO:100. Transfer to a Top 100 university. Guaranteed.

GO:Rochester. Transfer to the University of Rochester. Guaranteed.

GO:Madison. Transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Guaranteed.

Further information

To find out more about Kings Bangkok, please contact us.

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