Kings Bangkok brings the very best of Kings courses and teaching to local students in Thailand.

  • It provides them with perfect preparation to start their life-changing educational journey abroad.
  • Once they have completed their education at Kings Bangkok, students will transfer to begin their undergraduate studies in the UK or US.

For UK University

Advanced Level Foundation: An intensive one-year academic programme developed specifically by Kings and based on UK A-levels.

The rigorous syllabus is recognised by leading UK universities as ideal preparation for degree-level study. The Programme is assured by Pearson and overseen by an independent advisory board comprised of UK academic experts.

Outcome: Direct progression to a top UK university.

For US University

US High School Programme: A programme which allows students to complete a US high school qualification prior to transferring to a Kings partner university in the US.

Outcome: Direct progression to the first year of a US degree with a Kings GO:Program at New York, Boston, Oregon, Wisconsin or California.

GO:50. Transfer to a Top 50 US university. Guaranteed.

GO:100. Transfer to a Top 100 university. Guaranteed.

GO:Rochester. Transfer to the University of Rochester. Guaranteed.

GO:Madison. Transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Guaranteed.

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