Academic support

Kings supports every partner school in providing their students with a stimulating and rewarding international education experience. This will start at their local school and then extend abroad as they progress to a Kings campus in the US or UK, and finally when they complete their degree at a leading university.

We can provide a wide range of academic advice, management and support services, tailored to meet the specific needs of each partner school.

These include:

  • Kings EFL/ESL, TOEFL and IELTS instruction and preparation
  • Kings US Preparatory, High School and University Pathways
  • Kings UK GCSE, A-level, Foundation pathways:
    • Kings provide curriculum, materials and set-up plus on-going support. Programmes are taught locally by the host school
    • Internal exam papers and marking completed by Kings centrally
    • Assistance with arrangements for any external examination requirements
    • It is possible to tailor specific ‘streams’ such as progression to the US or UK or for individual subject areas including Art and Design, Business or STEM subjects
  • A Kings Programme Manager to advise on all academic matters
  • Curriculum mapping and recognition
  • Regular contact with Kings academic staff on visits, masterclasses, teacher training (as appropriate) or via training/lessons by video link up
  • Termly student reports as standard
  • Kings pre-arrival student handbook
  • Kings summer tours or intensive IELTS/TOEFL study as integral part of the course

Expectations of partner schools

  • On-going, day-to-day local management of the school
  • All contractual arrangements with teachers and premises
  • Compliance with all local legal and regulatory requirements
  • Maintaining the quality and integrity of the Kings brand and values

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