Kings works directly with a number of private high schools in Taiwan to:
  • Provide valuable international education experiences and progression opportunities for students
  • Help meet Taiwanese government initiatives including the Bilingual 2030 initiative

Kings works directly with schools across Taiwan in collaborative education projects.

The exact nature of each relationship varies to meet the specific aims and objectives of the individual school.

Examples of the type of projects include:

  • Short course programmes in the UK, over the Summer and throughout the academic year
  • Recognition of the local curriculum and clear definition of progression opportunities for further study and entrance to leading universities in the UK and US
  • Enhancement of and internationalisation of the local curriculum with the delivery of Kings programmes with in-person, online and blended modes of teaching and learning

Taiwan Bilingual 2030 initiative

The Taiwanese Government recognises the importance of English as the most important common language for international communication and the competitive advantage Taiwan and soft power which to be gained through a national strategy of development of English language proficiency, with equal importance attached to both Chinese and English.

Developments in digital technology have been key to the rapid global spread of the English language. These technological developments also provide opportunities to reduce the urban-rural divide, helping provide inhabitants of rural areas to enjoy the same English learning resources as their peers in cities.

The Taiwanese Government has adopted a proactive approach to the development of English language skills since 2002. In 2018, the National Development Council published the Blueprint for Developing Taiwan into a Bilingual Nation by 2030 (Taiwan Executive Yuan, 2018). This initiative has led to increased interest from schools to internationalise their curriculum.

In addition, schools are operating in a very competitive environment and are seeking ways to retain current and attract more new students, with internationalisation being one way to do so. This is a particular focus from Grades 7 to 12 and a key area in which Kings are able to help.

From Taiwan to international success

Kings has been welcoming students from Taiwan for many years.

We are very proud of how Taiwanese students have done at our schools and beyond at University and excited about helping more achieve their best results.

Kings collaborative work in Taiwan builds on this success.

We provide our students with specialist preparation and support before they leave home.

This is Steven.

He travelled from Taiwan to study with us in Boston and then he transferred to Boston University (ranked 43th nationally in the US according to the US News & World Report).

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Steven at BU

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