Kings Tirana provides a new alternative in preparing students to become global citizens and lifelong learners.

The school brings the very best of Kings courses and teaching to local students in Albania.

It provides them with the perfect preparation to start their life-changing educational journey abroad.

Once students have completed their education at Kings Tirana, students will transfer to begin their undergraduate studies in the UK or US.

Ideal preparation for UK University

Our British curriculum has been certified by the Albanian authorities as compliant with the applicable Albanian legislation.


An accelerated one year international version of the UK secondary school qualification leading to A-levels or Foundation.

Part of the programme includes alternative pathways that guide students into what A-level subjects they will later choose after completing the iGCSE year.

Outcome: Achieve qualification to transfer to study A-levels or Advanced Level Foundation, either at Kings Tirana or at Kings Colleges in the UK.


The “Gold Standard” UK pre-university qualification for top universities in Britain, and the rest of the world. They are suitable for the most able students aiming for the most competitive degrees at the most selective institutions.

Kings Tirana students start preparing for A-levels in their Year 12 (Klasa 11) and finish in two years at the end of Year 13 (Klasa 12).

A-level exams are taken at Kings Tirana, in line with Pearson and JCQ requirements and are assessed and certificated by the individual examination boards in the UK.

Kings Advanced Level Foundation

An intensive one-year academic programme developed specifically by Kings and based on UK A-levels which is unique in Albania. The programme is recognised by the widest choice of quality universities.

Kings Tirana students attend the Foundation in their Year 13 (Klasa 12) as an alternative to completing the second and final year of A-level.

Outcome: Direct progression to a top UK university.

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