For the partnership to be successful, it is important that our school partners, students and their parents feel they are members of the Kings international family, as well as the partner school.

We work with our partners to ensure this can be achieved in several complementary ways, with a menu of services and support from which we tailor a relationship model to meet our partners’ needs.

Relationships with Kings staff

  • We ensure regular interaction with the wider Kings family globally. This is achieved through regular visits by our leadership and academic teams, as well as online interaction.
  • Kings staff can also attend regular open days and training events.
  • Through these means students (and parents) understand and share Kings’ values and feel that they are very much part of the Kings family.

Experience of US and UK education

  • Overseas summer programmes can be an integral part of the overall programmes to provide a valuable taster of life and learning in the US and/or UK.
  • We ensure students (and parents) understand the UK and US education systems and the opportunities which exist for overseas study with Kings.

Curriculum mapping and recognition

  • Kings expert counselling and support services for progression to the US and UK.
  • Academic support for local delivery of internally accredited language and academic preparation programmes.
  • Support for the local delivery of externally accredited language and academic preparation programmes.

Kings learning resources and materials

  • Our online learning platform — called Classmate — is used by all Kings students around the world to supplement their class-based lessons. It is the ideal way for students within the partner school to connect directly with Kings teachers and students at our campuses in the US and UK, as well as at other partner schools.
  • We can provide Kings branded course materials, notebooks and pens to provide regular touch points with Kings during the programme.

Kings branded learning environments

Some of our partners find a Kings uniform is a popular way of fostering a sense of belonging with the wider Kings world. These can either be formal or informal as befits the existing school culture

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