Kings invite like-minded, educational institutions which share our values, to join us in a mutually rewarding partnership.

Together, we can create global pathway opportunities for local students.

These pathways to university in the UK and US begin in the comfort and familiarity of the student’s local school and progress smoothly to life-changing experiences abroad.

The benefits to local schools

We work with our partner schools to:

  • Develop and internationalise educational provision to prepare local students for the global environment in which they will live and work
  • Build a reputation for outstanding linguistic and academic results and exceptional progression to leading US and UK universities
  • Create a virtuous circle of ever-stronger student outcomes, leading to increasing demand, growth and progression

Educational benefits

  • Internationalisation of the local education provision
  • Increased accessibility to overseas study opportunities
  • Reduced overall cost of an international education to students and their parents
  • Ability of local students and parents to make informed international progression decisions
  • Improved student preparedness for overseas study
  • Achievement of better and broader student outcomes
  • Increased student diversity for the partner school
  • Development of new modes of delivery and assessment

Operational benefits

  • Sustainable and predictable student intake
  • Optimum management of capacity and accommodation
  • Reduced exposure to external factors
  • More consistent student numbers
  • Closer involvement in progression and admissions processes

Other opportunities

Additional pedagogical opportunities include:

  • Short courses, overseas and at Kings
  • Access to partnerships with US and UK universities
  • Development of online/blended learning
  • Rich, multi-centre learning experiences for local students
  • International recognition of qualifications
  • Teacher training opportunities in the US and/or UK

Commercial benefits

Commercial benefits include:

  • Increased global brand awareness for partner schools
  • Creation of a virtuous circle of improved student results and increased demand
  • Development of additional recruitment channels
  • Development of direct recruitment opportunities
  • Delivery of higher conversion rates
  • Ability to avoid undesirable competitive strategies
  • Long-term mutual benefit from the partnership model
  • Cost-effective student recruitment

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