Kings is a leading international education organisation specialising in pathways for students aged 16 - 22 to the best universities in the UK, US and worldwide.

We also deliver high-quality English language preparation for young adults and juniors.

Each year, our students join us from over 60 countries. We offer unlimited opportunities and exceptional support to help every student achieve their personal ambition.

The world’s best universities

Kings’ students have the widest possible choice of the world’s best universities – in the UK, the US and worldwide.

Our specialised university pathways assure progression to the US Top 50 and Top 100; the UK Top 40; and elite universities worldwide.

College preparation for Top 40 universities in the UK

Kings Colleges

On campus pathways to undergraduate and graduate degrees in the USA

Kings Premium Universities

Rigorous English Pathways

We deliver rigorous English language training for young adults which provides pathways to university, careers or formal qualifications.

Options include expert preparation for formal qualifications including IELTS and TOEFL, as well as a range of vocational, outcome-focused language courses.

English language courses in the UK and USA for students aged 16+

Kings English

Summer and year-round programmes for juniors aged 8 – 17

Kings Young Learners

Transnational opportunities

The Kings Partner Schools network allows students to study Kings pre-university programmes locally before transferring to university – in the UK, US or worldwide.

Learning options include both face-to-face and digital delivery modes.

Kings Partner Schools

Kings Social Responsibility

We believe in the power of education to change lives and provide lasting opportunities.

Kings Social Responsibility is based around three core principles:




United World Schools

Our partnership with United World Schools has helped some of the world’s poorest communities in Cambodia and Myanmar.

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Kings Digital

We are embracing new ways of teaching and recruiting students.

Smart High School provides online delivery of curricula which complements core class-based learning.

Smart Hub is an innovative platform of digital resources to inspire and recruit new generations of students.

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