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Our team

Jose Flores
Andrew Green
Andrew Hutchinson
Nigel Pamplin

UK Operations

Nicola Nobes
Director of UK Admissions
Ed Seddon
Director of UK Operations
Andrew Roper
Principal, Kings Bournemouth
Nigel Addison
Principal, Kings Brighton
John Gale
Principal, Kings Oxford

US Operations

Kaylee Hong
Executive Director of US Pathway Recruitment
Joseph De La Torre
Senior Director of Enrollment Management and Compliance
Stefania Willens
Director of Human Resources, US
Jumoke Johnson
Associate Director, Legal Operations and Regulatory Affairs
Chihae Lee
Center Director, Kings at UW-Fox Cities
Nino Bitsadze
Center Director, Kings Boston

Group Administration and IT

Claire Dillon
Group Finance Director
Martin Moran
Head of Technology Services
Karen Rees
IT Business Development
Arthur Reader
Director of Administration

Group Marketing and Communications

Wayne Matthews-Stroud
Head of Media Services
Marina De Santis
Head of Online Development
Laura Lippert
Online Content Manager
Trudy Boulert
Social Marketing Coordinator
Lukasz Wyka
Digital Production
Karen Bradley
Manager, Central Marketing Unit
Theresa Patton
Marketing Administrator
Carmen O'Hara
Marketing Administrator

Student Recruitment

Anna Matthews-Stroud
Regional Director, China,
Hong Kong and Macau and
Recruitment Director
UK academic programmes
Kaylee Hong
Regional Director, North Asia and Recruitment Director, US university pathways
Lucy Cattermole
Regional Director, EMEA and Recruitment Director, Kings English
Jose Corrie
Regional Director, Latin America and Turkey
Michael Parris
Development Director and Regional Director, Southeast Asia

UK Admissions

Daniela Baptista
Admissions Manager
Sabina Dias
Admissions Manager
Lily Liao
Admissions Manager
Kerstin Doerfler
Operations Project Manager
Mehmet Tepeli
Head of EFL Admissions UK
Tariq Heshri
Admissions Manager
Koji Ito
Admissions Manager
Sara Parsons
Oxford Registrar

US Admissions

John Innes
Assistant Director of Admissions

Young Learners Team

Mary Doody
Elaine Gormley
Head of Sales Operations
Hermes Sipsas
Programme Manager UK