As an international education organisation, a desire for positive change at the personal, social and global level is part of our DNA.

Our aim is both to create and become better citizens — locally and globally.

We recognise that our work in this area is on-going. We are embarked on a continuous journey towards developing and improving our work around ESG – but are committed to reaching the milestones we will set along this journey.

Global citizenship

At Kings, learning is not confined to the classroom. We see it is a broad and constant process in which we also aim to learn from and about each other.

We aim to inspire our staff and students to become true global citizens:

  • to understand their place in the world and how they can make a positive difference to it
  • to celebrate diversity and to respect those from different cultures and background
  • to act as custodians for the long-term benefit of our shared planet

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Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility at kings
  • Kings is committed to developing and implementing policies which allow it to operate in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • We are also committed to nurturing a culture in which a heightened awareness and responsiveness to a sustainable life is encouraged.
  • Policies, processes and structures are being developed in relation to the Company's on-going strategy around sustainability.
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Social responsibility

Social responsibility at Kings
  • Kings is a global community of students, colleagues and partners. But we are also active within the local communities in which we are located, and we play a part within our shared worldwide community of global citizens.
  • We are committed to encouraging our students and staff to play an active role within their wider communities at the local and global level.
  • We are also dedicated to making a positive difference in each of the communities to which we belong — locally, nationally and internationally.
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Governance at Kings
  • We have clear policies in place relating to student and staff welfare, equal opportunities and development.
  • Kings champions and embodies diversity in both our own people and our student body; our students are recruited from over 60 countries while our staff across all functions and locations represent a very healthy ethnic diversity.
  • We are committed to business and financial practices which are both ethical and transparent. We meet external standards defined by relevant accreditation, inspection and compliance bodies.
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