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What are the benefits of summer school?

31 May, 2024
What are the benefits of summer school?

While summer holidays provide a well-deserved break after the end of the school year, they also present a special chance to boost learning and academic growth in a new and stimulating setting.

Attending an international summer school offers a myriad of unforgettable experiences. From forging lifelong friendships to developing confidence and independence, the benefits are numerous. In this article, we look at some of them in more detail.

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Understanding summer schools

Benefits of summer schools

Understanding summer schools

Summer schools, or summer camps as they are also sometimes known, are a fantastic way for students to maximise their holidays by learning and growing academically and personally.

Summer schools for international students are generally short, residential, programmes which combine academic study and/or language classes with exciting excursions and extracurricular activities. They usually take place during the summer break, and within a language school, boarding school, or university setting.

By attending summer school, students can advance their foreign language skills, explore new subjects, take advanced courses, try new activities, visit new places and develop important life skills. And all in a multicultural community.

There are a host of different summer schools and programmes available, ranging from those which are heavily activity and excursion focused, to those which cater for specific academic outcomes.

Benefits of summer schools

The benefits of summer school are varied and abundant. Here, we look at some in more detail.

Academic and personal advancement

The benefits of attending summer school go beyond just academic achievement and can have a life-changing impact on personal development.

1. Different teaching methods and extended learning opportunities

Summer schools offer a wealth of benefits for students seeking new and extended learning opportunities.

With different teaching methods, such schools provide unique approaches to education that complement traditional classroom settings. Additionally, summer schools draw in a diverse range of international students eager to learn new skills and perspectives.

Whether it be to advance a particular subject or engage with new ideas, summer schools provide an enriching, immersive experience that serves to broaden horizons and lay the groundwork for lifelong learning.

2. Mastering English and additional languages

Summer schools provide a unique opportunity for international students to develop their language skills in an immersive learning environment.

With the summer months providing an extended break from traditional education, summer schools offer an ideal setting to focus on mastering English or other languages.

Not only do students benefit from the dedicated time and environment, but they also have access to experienced language teachers and peers from around the world to practice their fluency. This kind of experience can result in rapid linguistic development and significant language learning milestones in a short period of time.

With fluency in English and additional languages becoming increasingly important in the global job market, attending a summer school can be a valuable investment in a student's future success.

3. Preparing for university studies

Summer schools offer exceptional opportunities for students to prepare themselves for their intended university course. International students, in particular, can benefit from summer learning programmes, as they provide immersive experiences that help students acclimatise to new academic cultures. The best summer courses offer rigorous coursework, small class sizes with excellent tutors, and the chance to build relationships with peers from around the world.

Participating in summer schools can provide pre-university students with a distinct advantage, equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel at university.

When it comes to university applications, being a part of such an educational experience shows admissions officers that a student is serious and committed to his or her academic success.

Kings Summer Academy programmes are the ideal pre-university preparation, covering specialist areas such as Medicine, Business, STEM and Leadership:

Cultivating confidence and practical skills

Cultivating confidence and developing practical skills are other areas in which summer school programmes help students develop. These immersive learning experiences allow students to step outside of their comfort zones and explore new cultures, ideas and ways of thinking in a different country.

4. Fostering confidence and autonomy

Summer school is an excellent opportunity for students to explore their interests, learn new skills, and gain independence.

Through summer school, students can foster confidence and autonomy by stepping out of their comfort zones, making their own decisions outside of the typical classroom structure, and taking on responsibilities that are typically reserved for adults.

5. Mastering new skills: from academic to life skills

Summer schools not only focus on academic skills but also equip students with essential life skills such as time management, decision-making, and teamwork, all of which are hugely important.

These skills are valuable not only in furthering their academic pursuits but also in preparing them for their future careers and personal lives.

6. Enhancing social awareness and tolerance

Attending a summer school program can provide students with a unique opportunity to broaden their social awareness and tolerance. Summer schools often attract students from around the world, resulting in a diverse community that exposes students to different cultures and ideologies.

Through these interactions, students are challenged to think critically and learn to value perspectives that differ from their own. They develop social skills and gain insights into the experiences of others, which can enhance empathy and understanding.

Enrichment through culture and social interaction

Summer schools offer many benefits to students in terms of cultural enrichment and social interaction. They can equip students with the tools they need to become more informed, empathetic members of an increasingly diverse global community.

7. Experiencing diverse cultures

Attending a summer school allows students to interact and engage with people from different backgrounds, understand their perspectives, and appreciate the unique characteristics of different cultures. This experience can broaden their horizons, enhance communication skills, and foster cultural curiosity.

8. Building global friendships and expanding networks

Summer schools are the ideal space for young people to establish meaningful connections with people from various parts of the world and enhance their cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

By attending summer schools, students can dive into a culturally diverse environment that can influence their personal and professional development, leading to global networks that can bring about a host of opportunities, whether recreational, academic or professional in nature.


As we have explored in this article, summer schools offer a wide range of benefits for students of all ages. By attending summer school, students can:

  • deepen their knowledge in specific subjects, advance their foreign language skills, and even discover new interests and talents.
  • embrace the opportunity for personal and academic growth and development, learning to become more independent and self-motivated learners.
  • make new friends from different backgrounds and cultures, expanding their social circle and improving their communication skills.

Summer programmes with Kings

At Kings, we offer a range of summer and academic courses for young learners.

Our students share great times with friends from all over the world. Last year students from nearly 60 different countries enrolled on a Kings Young Learners course.

We have a range of locations, including Oxford, London, Bournemouth and Bath in the UK, and Malibu and New York in the US.

Our Summer Experience courses include:

Summer Course (Ages 8 – 17): This programme offers English tuition, fun and sightseeing. There are 15 hours of English classes each week, learning though fun and engaging activities.Students in some locations can customise their Summer Course by adding specialist activities including horse riding, tennis, golf, and even Harry Potter!

Experience Course (Ages 14 – 17): This programme also offers a mix of English tuition and activities/sightseeing, and is offered in London and Bournemouth. It is designed for slightly older teenagers, and therefore offers a little more freedom yet still within a safe and secure environment.

Discover London (16+): This course, based at UAL’s Camberwell campus, also offers a mix of English tuition, activities, plus a host of sightseeing in this world-famous city.

Parent & Child (Ages 3 – 7, 8 – 12): This course offers the chance to share your learning adventure together as a family, and is based at beautiful Moreton Hall school, close to the English/Welsh border.

Our Summer Academy programmes include:

Medical (Ages 15 – 17): This Oxford-based programme is for students who want to learn more about the study of medicine and related professions and is ideal preparation for pre-degree programmes.

Business and Economics/STEM (Ages 15 – 17): Two other courses offered in Oxford are the Business/Economics and STEM programmes. They provide experience of UK pre-university education and university options, with both General English and subject specific lessons.

GCSE Prep (Ages 14 – 16): Offered in Bournemouth, this course provides Ideal experience of UK academic education. It combines academic subjects with activities and excursions.

Leaders of Tomorrow (Ages 14 – 17): Located at our centre in Caterham, Surrey, the Leaders of Tomorrow course provides hard and soft skill learning, topped with project work, team building, academic visits and a business workshop.

If you would like more information about exam preparation courses with Kings in the UK or USA, you can send us a message using the Live Chat or Enquiry Form.

Alternatively, you can send us an email

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