Studying in the UK

If you live outside the European Union, you will almost certainly be classed as a visa national and will need to obtain a visa before you can study in the UK.

If you are a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you will not need a visa to study in the UK.

If you are classed as a visa national, depending on the length of time you wish to study you may require a student visitor visa or a general student visa.

There are some countries — such as Brazil, Mexico, and Japan — whose nationals do not need a visa if they want to study in the UK for up to 6 months. They will still however need a visa letter, and MUST get their passport stamped by immigration when they enter of leave the country.

For the latest information and guidance, we suggest you visit the UK Visa and Immigration website:

Studying in the USA

Depending on your course, the number of hours study per week and your nationality, you may need a visa to study in the USA. There are certain exceptions for courses with less than 18 class hours per week.

For the latest student visa information visit this website:

To enroll as a full-time student in the USA following a course of 18 contact hours or more per week you must obtain an F-1 visa:

Before you can apply for an F-1 visa you will need a I-20 Certificate of Eligibility from Kings.

F-1 visa application process

1. Submit a completed Kings Education application.

Students must have a valid I-20 form to be able to apply for the F-1 visa. Kings Education will issue the I-20 after the completed application form is processed.

2. Make an appointment with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Students must apply for a visa in their country of residence after receiving their I-20. The local Embassy or Consulate will provide students with specific application instructions.

3. Pay the I-901 Fee

The I-901 fee must be paid before the visa appointment. Visit this website for instructions and acceptable payment methods:

4. Bring all necessary forms and documents to the interview (visa application, SEVIS I-20, financial statements, etc.).

Kings requires the following to be able to issue an I-20:

  • Completed Kings Education application form
  • Student address in home country (must not be a P.O. box)
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Paid registration fee (no deposit required).
  • Proof of financial eligibility:
    • Must be dated within past 60 days.
    • Must be liquid account (i.e., savings or checking, not investment).
    • Must show funds to cover invoice amount.*
    • If in foreign currency, copy of exchange rate for the amount should accompany financial statement (this should be done by Kings).
    • Should be in student name or name of sponsor.
    • If financial statement is submitted by sponsor, an Affadavit of Support must accompany the application.

For the latest student visa information on visit this website:

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