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Kings Tirana is organised in two separate entities:

  • Basic School (Primary and Lower Secondary)
  • High School (iGCSE, A-level, and Advanced Level Foundation)

Academic governance of the entire school is delivered by our Academic Principal, a highly experienced British educational management specialist that oversees attainment of the mission and vision of the school, development and delivery of curriculum, teaching and learning, assessment recording and reporting, communication with parents, professional development, pastoral system, and strategic planing of the development of the school.

Kings Tirana has been granted recognition to deliver Pearson qualification. Gaining this recognition demonstrates that Kings Tirana has met the requirements of the Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ) and therefore our academic staff are able to apply to deliver curriculum and qualifications from all other JCQ member examination bodies. The Joint Council of Qualifications is comprised of the following exam boards:

  • AQA
  • CCEA
  • City & Guilds
  • OCR
  • Pearson
  • SQA
  • WJEC

Paul Richardson Academic Principal I believe that quality education is delivered only where there is a strong bond between teachers, parents, and students. I am always there whenever a parent or a student needs me. Eva Hoxha School Principal Basic School My focus is to prepare Albanian students of a British school to sit Matura Shtetërore exam. This requires a very specific set of skills. Fatmir Vejsiu School Principal High School

The student journey through British education

The British education system is widely regarded as one of the finest in the world. As you progress, the UK system provides increased focus on the subjects in which you are most interested, whilst still allowing you to keep your options open. Our students study for 13 years (age 5 - 18) before a 3 year undergraduate degree and 1-year postgraduate degree.


Our British curriculum has been certified by the Albanian authorities as compliant with the applicable Albanian legislation.

In addition to the British curriculum, At Kings Tirana, you can attend Gjuhë shqipe, Histori e kombit shqiptar, and Gjeografi e trevave shqiptare, to comply with official requirements set out for Albanian students by the Albanian authorities.

Students of Kings Tirana can sit the following external exams:

  • Provim Lirimi - at the end of Year 10 (Klasa 9) optional for non-Albanian students
  • iGCSE - at the end of Year 11 (Klasa 10)
  • A-level - at the end of Year 13 (klasa 12)
  • Advanced Level Foundation - at the end of Year 13 (klasa 12)
  • Provimi i Maturës Shtetërore - at the end of Year 13 (klasa 12) optional for non-Albanian students


Children develop quickly in their early years. Kings Tirana provides them the best start. Primary education comprises 6 years of education, divided in two key stages. During these stages, our students learn English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, French or German Language, Personal, Social and Health Education, and Gjuhë Shqipe (optional for non-Albanian students).

[Diagram of Curriculum / Entry / Age / Core Teacher / Other Teachers / Tuition Fee / Class Size]

Lower Secondary

Lower Secondary spans through four years of education and provides to our students the foundation where they develop the skills and competences to become successful lifelong learners. At the end of this stage of development, Albanian students sit the Provim Lirimi external exam.

Diagram of Curriculum / Entry / Age / Core Teacher / Other Teachers / Tuition Fee / Class Size


At Kings Tirana we offer an accelerated one-year iGCSE. Part of the programme includes alternative pathways that guide students into what A-level subjects they will later choose after completing the iGCSE year.

Choice of pathways

Choosing a pathway is not always easy. Students will have to start designing their future and think of what they enjoy most doing and where they are best at. Kings Tirana will assist parents and students throughout this entire process through dedicated and experienced career consultants that have extensive knowledge of what is required to build a strategy for successful university applications and prepare for a purposeful life in an ever-changing world.

[Diagram of Curriculum / Entry / Age / Core Teacher / Other Teachers / Tuition Fee / Class Size]


A-levels are widely regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ qualification for top universities in Britain, and the rest of the world. They are suitable for the most able students aiming for the most competitive degrees at the most selective institutions.

Kings Tirana students start preparing for A-levels in their Year 12 (Klasa 11) and finish in two years at the end of Year 13 (Klasa 12). They can choose to enrol for any of the 8 available pathways. The choice of pathways can be a difficult decision. Our dedicated tutors and UCAS advisors will work with you to help with the choice and with building a strategy for successful university application.

A-level exams are taken at Kings Tirana, in line with Pearson and JCQ requirements and are assessed and certificated by the individual examination boards in the UK.

[Diagram of Curriculum / Entry / Age / Core Teacher / Other Teachers / Tuition Fee / Class Size]

Kings Advanced Level Foundation

Kings Advanced Level Foundation is a one-year programme, unique in Albania, assured by Pearson / Edexcel, and recognised by the widest choice of quality universities.

Kings Tirana students attend Advanced Level Foundation in their Year 13 (Klasa 12) as an alternative to completing the second and final year of A-level, or to build on students’ studies from other local or international education systems.

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Matura Shtetërore

Matura Shtetërore is the Albanian official external examination at the end of the high school. It is a requirement for attending public or private University in Albania for Albanian nationals residing in Albania. Furthermore, many countries will require Albanian students to submit their Matura Shtetërore diploma in their application for an educational visa.

All our Albanian speaking students are required to attend all the subjects that are compulsory for Matura Shtetërore exam, next to iGCSE, A-level or Advanced Level Foundation subjects.

[Diagram of Curriculum / Entry / Age / Core Teacher / Other Teachers / Tuition Fee / Class Size]

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