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What parents say about Kings

15 Feb, 2021
What parents say about Kings

At Kings we take the trust that every student's parent places in us very seriously, not only to help their child achieve the best they can, but also to provide the care and support that ensures they are happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Parental feedback is always welcomed; it is important for us to understand their perspective on what we do and how the school is supporting their students and how they are progressing.

Below are some of the comments included in recent feedback from our academic students' parents.

Mrs and Mrs M, parents of current A-level student:

"Since starting at Kings, his grades have far exceeded his and our expectations and the care and attention he receives is wonderful. As an Educational Institute we could not ask for more. He has a lot of attention and can also have one-to-one learning as and when he needs it. It is great to see how his teachers really do want to bring out the best of him and for him to do well.

It is lovely to see how good teachers can bring the best out of your child, helping him gain confidence and believe in himself. All three A level teachers have been fantastic, and Josh is very much enjoying his journey in higher education – something we never thought we could every say after his experience at secondary school!"

"Thank you Kings – your kindness and care will always be remembered. As parents, we most certainly recommend this College and are thankful for having discovered it when we did."

Mrs S, parent of current A-level student:

"Our son joined Kings in Year 13 to study Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. His wish is to study Medicine at university, and we could not have chosen a better school. We are very impressed with the excellent support and teaching at the school.

Right from the start, he was very positive about the way the school took care of him and reassured him on all the support he could get to achieve the results he needs to study Medicine. He was very impressed with the school structure that offered a personal tutor and a counsellor to support his UCAS application..

The school provided him with a UCAT course to prepare him for the exam, and that helped him to achieve an outstanding score that put him in the 9th percentile. He secured interviews with all his university choices. The school also arranged for MMI training to prepare him for interviews.

My son likes the small-size classes very much, which makes the lessons very enjoyable. The Biology, Chemistry, and Maths teachers are excellent. They give a lot of attention to his work and support his learning. At the recent parents’ consultation, the teachers and Nicola were amiable and duly answered all our questions. They gave us comprehensive feedback on his progress and their unwavering commitment to helping him achieve the grades he needs to secure his university offers. "

"Overall, we are very impressed with the help, support, and follow up he has received and the outstanding quality of teaching. He is very happy, and we would not hesitate to recommend the school."

Mrs M, parent of current A-level student:

"First of all, a huge thanks. My son has transformed from a boy looking and feeling a bit lost and forlorn, to being happy, engaged and enthused again with his studies. Things have been so much better since starting at Kings and he has received such a warm, supportive and friendly welcome there. He feels that you are interested in his development and education and care about him too. This has made the world of difference to him.

"He is really motivated and keen to do well and I am so grateful for your team fostering this and having faith in him. His confidence is growing again."

At the end of the day, I feel really glad that he is in this situation (with the Coronavirus pandemic) as a pupil at Kings. Thank you so much for all you are doing during this very difficult time."

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