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Mr and Mrs Symonds, parents of Charlie

What made you choose Kings for your child? How did you come to the decision to send your child to a non-traditional boarding school?

“We relocated to Bournemouth from London so we were looking for a school in the area where Charlie could retake his Physics A-level.

“Kings was very flexible in allowing Charlie to retake just one subject. He’s also taking an EPQ which is allowing him to go deeper into his chosen subject. We looked around locally and found Kings to be the most flexible and also the best value. We also like the central location of the school, it’s just a short walk to the town centre and close to where we live.”

How do you think Kings as a ‘non-traditional’ boarding school will help develop on your child’s strengths?

“Charlie loves the ‘international’ atmosphere at Kings. The school has students from all over the world and he is enjoying socialising with people from other cultures. He often invites his class back to our house! Everyone is in the same boat at Kings, everyone has started the year together, it makes them feel close, it’s a close-knit community.

“Charlie is really benefitting from the very small classes at Kings. He has just 6 other students in his A-level Physics class which is amazing. This is giving him a really good chance of improving his grade. We’re really optimistic. One thing Charlie has noticed, the international students have a very strong work ethic – there is a clear emphasis on ‘study’ – something you don’t necessarily get in the UK state sector. Students are here to work hard and to achieve the best grades possible. This is definitely rubbing off on him, we’ve never seen him work so hard! After classes, he takes himself to the study centre to do his coursework.

“Charlie is also enjoying the social side of things. On Wednesday afternoons the school holds regular enrichment activities – he’s enjoying learning to cook and trying out new recipes. He also had a part in the Christmas play, a Monty Python version of Romeo and Juliet, he really enjoyed that!

“One other thing to mention – Charlie works part-time in the evenings and the school has been really flexible in terms of his work hours, allowing him to fit his work in around his studies. We feel this is really beneficial for him, this year is a kind of ‘bridge year’ between school and the outside world. It’s helping him get ready for working life.”

What are the next steps for Charlie?

“He is looking at taking an apprenticeship with the navy or in engineering. We’re really pleased we chose Kings and optimistic that he will achieve the grades he needs.”

Mr and Mrs Mew, parents of Josh

What made you choose Kings for Josh? How did you come to the decision to send your child to a non-traditional boarding school?

“We needed a change for Josh. He was at a very large academic-focused school in Wiltshire. It was an excellent school, one of the best in the UK with great exam results but Josh was getting lost in the crowd. He wasn’t achieving to his full potential so we felt he needed a change of scene.

“We looked online for a school within an hour of our home in Romsey and came across Kings. It’s much smaller than his previous school but it’s perfect. He’s taking 3 A-levels, Art, Economics and Politics and also a GCSE in ICT. He loves it! He’s getting so much more attention than before and doing really well.”

How do you think Kings as a ‘non-traditional’ boarding school will help develop on your child’s strengths?

“Josh is flourishing! The teachers believe in him and he’s really finding himself. The very small class sizes are a huge plus. He’s getting the personal attention he was missing. The teachers really care. These are the best teachers he’s ever had – and he came from a really good school so we know what good teaching looks like. It’s been a great decision. He’s happy here.”

“To give one example. In his previous school he was told not to bother with Art, that he wasn’t very good. It really knocked his confidence. But his Art teacher at Kings, James, is just brilliant, he believes in Josh and this is in turn allowing him to create some fantastic work. We’ve just been looking at the papier-mâché model he has been working on. We’re really impressed!

“He’s also getting one-to-one study skills time every week with Anne who is fantastic and really helping Josh develop his reading and essay writing. This is helping him improve across all subjects.

“One other great thing about Kings – the work ethic. Students work hard. The atmosphere is so warm and friendly but students are here to succeed. They have come here to work hard and to get good grades for university.”

What are the next steps for Josh? Any plans for further study?

“Josh has got his sights sets on a Business degree. He’d like to set up his own business, hopefully to do with the fly-fishing industry, that’s a passion of his.”

Mr and Mrs James, parents of Ellen

“Ellen actually choose Kings. We supported her in this, we reviewed it ourselves, we looked into what was possible…everything was possible!

“She has excelled. She has grown remarkably and it’s turned out to be a really good decision.

“She’s grown in confidence, she’s learning, everything is positive. We are both very proud. She’s the same person but more mature.”

Mrs Murphy, mother of Joe

“When we discovered the Kings opportunity and met with Nigel Addison, the Principal, who was amazing and really flexible, it totally felt right. And he said to us, ‘We will work with Joe to find the right pathway for him, and we will customise his education for him,’ and I thought, this is just gold. What Joe has had from the tutors, as he has said, as well as the academic support and emotional support has been great.

“When [Academic Administrator] Agnes just said, ‘Good luck at university,’ I thought, YES, he is going to university!

“The environment here has been amazing, and the relationships he has made. I think has been a great bridge for university because he has come out of the school environment into a college and made a great bunch of international friends.

“I am thrilled. Thrilled and proud and grateful and thankful, everything. Sure, Joe has to do his part because no one can do it other than him, but the infrastructure, the teaching support that he has had has been inspirational. They should all feel really proud.

“That kind of custom learning, he wouldn't have got that if he had stayed where he was. Everyone does learn differently and aside from that you have to be able to engage with your teachers and tutors, enjoy their company, and you don't want to let them down, which is a big thing for Joe.

“I think that Kings were able to do that and custom design how they were going to get the best out of this Joe; we know that capability is in there, we just need to find it and pull it out!

“They really helped Joe. Aside from the academic side and the learning, I think they really helped Joe to have more belief in himself.

“I would like to say good luck to anyone else who comes here and is afforded the same experience and opportunity. It is the best thing that could have ever happened to us.”

Mr B

"I cannot speak more highly of my son's experience on his academic studies at Kings. The transformation of his academic prospects over the last year has been remarkable.

“The teaching and wider support he has received from both the academic and administrative staff have both been excellent.

“More than anything he has enjoyed his time in Bournemouth and can look forward to commencing his undergraduate studies at a top university later this year."

Mrs K.

"I checked out many schools when looking for the best option for my sons but found that only Kings provided the environment that we were looking for. When they joined the college, I was certain that I had made the best choice.

“Kings has had a very positive influence on my sons' character and they are now more studious than before and I'm really satisfied with the service and support Kings provide. Kings follow the students' academic progress closely, and whenever the boys need more time or support with their studies, the school has a plan and continues to closely monitor their progress. This includes monitored study within the school's boarding residence.

"My sons have regular counselling about their degree and university options and full support through the UCAS process. They also participate in and enjoy a wide range of extracurricular and social activities.

“There is a great relationship between staff and pupils at the school and they love the Principal. As a mother, I am very pleased with Kings, all the support provided by Kings and their quick replies to my requests and questions."

Mr B, parent of current GCSE student

"We chose Kings for our son to retake GCSEs because of the small class sizes. These have not only helped his confidence immensely but ensured that he was given the highest level of tuition possible."

Mrs B, parent of current A-level student

"Kings London has helped my son improve his attitude to learning in such an important way. We chose Kings London for him because they offered small classes and an opportunity for him to study the three subjects of his choice at A-level.

The best thing about the school is the friendly nurturing environment, consistent teaching staff, regular progress tests and the convenient location.

I would recommend Kings London to other parents because it is a realistic alternative to larger private schools which may not bring out the best in certain teenagers. The smaller international element allows the students to meet a variety of people from all over the world."

Mr B, parent of current GCSE student

"We chose Kings London for our son to retake GCSEs because of the small class sizes. These have not only helped his confidence immensely but ensured that he was given the highest level of tuition possible."

Mrs Morley, parent of Hamish

"First of all, a huge thanks. Hamish has transformed from a boy looking and feeling a bit lost and forlorn, to being happy, engaged and enthused again with his studies. The last couple of years have been quite challenging for him, and it really knocked him, particularly with the whole exam situation last year.

Things have been so much better since starting at Kings and he has received such a warm, supportive and friendly welcome there. He feels that you are interested in his development and education and care about him too. This has made the world of difference to him. He is really motivated and keen to do well and I am so grateful for your team fostering this and having faith in him. His confidence is growing again.

I feel really glad that Hamish is in this situation (the Covid pandemic) as a pupil at Kings. Thank you so much for all you are doing during this very difficult time."

Mrs S, parent of current A-level student

"Our son joined Kings Bournemouth in Year 13 to study Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. His wish is to study Medicine at the university, and we could not have chosen a better school. We are very impressed with the excellent support and teaching at the school.

Right from the start, he was very positive about the way the school took care of him and reassured him on all the support he could get to achieve the results he needs to study Medicine. He was very impressed with the school structure that offered a personal tutor and a counsellor to support his UCAS application. He had weekly meetings with Kate and Maureen to go through his UCAS application, and she provided him with constructive feedback on his Personal Statement. Nicola was extremely helpful and supportive in writing a reference, and we were very impressed with the time she spent assisting him with all his queries to strengthen his application for Medicine.

The school provided him with a UCAT course to prepare him for the exam, and that helped him to achieve an outstanding score that put him in the 9th percentile. He secured interviews with all his university choices. The school also arranged for MMI training to prepare him for interviews.

He likes the small-size classes very much, which makes the lessons very enjoyable. The Biology, Chemistry, and Maths teachers are excellent. They give a lot of attention to his work and support his learning. At the recent parents’ consultation, the teachers and Nicola were amiable and duly answered all our questions. They gave us comprehensive feedback on his progress and their unwavering commitment to helping him achieve the grades he needs to secure his university offers.

Overall, we are very impressed with the help, support, and follow up he has received and the outstanding quality of teaching. He is very happy, and we would not hesitate to recommend the school."

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