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Kesya: my experience so far with Kings in the US

01 Sep, 2021
Kesya: my experience so far with Kings in the US

Kesya, from Indonesia, started on a Guaranteed Outcome program with Kings in 2020, completing her studies initially online due to the Covid pandemic. We recently spoke to her about her experience so far and her aims for university transfer as she prepares to come to the US to continue with us in person.

Hi Kesya. Why did you choose to start online study with Kings and how has your experience been?

When COVID started in early 2020, I knew that I didn’t want to waste time by taking gap year. For me, studying online was a much more viable option than wasting another semester (or year) at home.

Prior to making this decision, I attended a webinar held by both Kings and my college in Boston, which I found incredibly useful. I was able to receive very important information so that I could manage my expectation with online study, two of the most important being time difference and being pro-active.

"I did make a lot of sacrifices by adjusting my lifestyle to fit in with the live courses schedule; it was hard in the beginning but I pulled through! "

The fact that various resources at the college are digitally available to students (library, courses syllabi, platform for communicating with professors, assignment submission, etc) has made online learning do-able

In what ways has your Kings Progression Advisor helped you?

Mr. Chuck Kaufman is an incredible person with big heart.

"As a university student, I understand the importance of communicating efficiently and reaching out for any help that I need, and Chuck is available each time I need suggestions about academic and non-academic matters. "

He has been a great motivator, even when my Spring 2021 semester did not turn out as well as I would have hoped for due to personal issues.

Furthermore, Chuck even bridged the communication between myself and some professors when I needed a grace period for assignments and quizzes submission in Spring’21. We have also started discussing university and major options. I look forward to working with Chuck more closely once in-person classes have started in Fall 2021.

The Kings’ Regional Manager for Indonesia has also been very supportive.

"I honestly do not know if there is another institution that would offer as much care and support as Kings."

Where are you thinking of transferring?

"I have VERY big dreams; Boston University, Boston College, Brown University, UC Berkeley and UCLA are some options."

I had the pleasure of meeting Kings’ Regional Manager for Indonesia before my departure to Boston though, and was reminded that choosing a viable selection of 7 universities needs to be done wisely. Therefore, I will do just that with Chuck’s assistance.

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