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Choosing your A-Levels: subject pathways

12 Jan, 2021
Choosing your A-Levels: subject pathways

You may have an idea of which ‘area’ you would like to study at university, and for your future career, but not yet be certain on the specific degree or profession. In this instance, it can be helpful to consider your subjects in terms of ‘pathways’.

At Kings, our students have a wide range of subject pathways to choose from, and as a result, progress to study many different subjects at the UK’s top universities.

Whichever subjects or pathway you choose, at Kings, you will also benefit from:

  • personalised support
  • specialist UCAS guidance
  • interview preparation
  • additional tailored enrichment such as relevant lectures, visits, clubs/societies etc.

We also provide specialist guidance for applications with specific requirements such as applications to Oxbridge or Medical Schools.

Below is a table showing the pathway options currently available to A-level students across Kings' four UK colleges.

Pathway Subjects Studied Potential University Courses Preparation for external requirements
Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary Medicine Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics Medicine / Dentistry / Veterinary Medicine UCAT/BMAT
Plus all the BioChem Pathway options
Biochem Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics Biochemistry n/a
Biomedical Science
Global Health and Social Medicine
Medical Physiology
Diet and Nutrition
Physiotherapy and Chiropractic
Business, Management and Social Sciences Business Studies and 2 of Geography/Politics/Mathematics Business Management n/a
International Development
International Management
Social Sciences
Computer Science and Engineering Mathematics and either Computer Science/Physics plus 1 free choice All Computer Science courses* n/a
All Engineering courses*
Economics and Mathematics Economics, Mathematics plus 1 free choice Accounting and Finance n/a
Actuarial Science
All Economics courses*
All Financial courses
All Mathematics courses*
Law and the Liberal Arts Any 3 from Law/History/English Literature/Politics/Psychology All Law courses* LNAT
All History courses
All Literature courses*
International Relations
Liberal Arts
Art and Design Art A level and Art and Design Foundation

All Art and Design courses

All Fashion courses
Open Any 3 subjects currently offered Most Undergraduate courses* As appropriate

*Dependent on subject choices

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