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Undergraduate Pathways in the USA

US universities are ranked amongst the best in the world.

With Kings, you can set your sights higher than you thought possible. With our unique program of academic development and personalized university counselling, our students progress onto some of the best universities in the USA.

Student Success in the USA

More Student Stories
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Mengyuan Li

Mengyuan Li (Molly), from China, has been accepted to Cornell University (ranked 15) to major in Food Science.

“I've been accepted to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell University to major in Food Science. The Food Science program in Cornell is probably the strongest program among U.S.

The Kings program is quite helpful because you can reach advisors anytime you want. But you need to take the initiative with your transfer plan and make it as soon as possible. Once the plan is made, act it out sturdily.”

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Zifeng Zeng

Zifeng Zeng (Sam), from China, has received transfer offers from six universities — UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Davis and UC Riverside — and will major in Philosophy at UC Berkeley (ranked 20).

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Olga Korovkina

Olga Korovkina from Russia is majoring in Economics, with a minor in Marketing, at the University of Southern California (ranked 23).

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Sau Yip Tang

Sau Yip Tang is from Hong Kong. He has been accepted to transfer from Marymount California University to the University of Southern California (ranked 23).

“Marshall School of Business (USC) has always been my dream school. Kings Education has assisted me in many ways throughout my application process. The staff are experienced, professional and efficient. From academic advising to essay review, my advisor Theary provided me with thoughtful feedback on my transfer essays. Frankly speaking, I would not have been able to overcome this without their tremendous help. Thank you Kings.”

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Reyner Yapin Gohan

Reyner Yapin Gohan is from Indonesia. He was accepted to both the University of Southern California (ranked 23) and the University of California, San Diego (ranked 39) and is continuing his studies at USC.

“Kings have been really helpful in terms of transferring, and helping first hand to get started in studying in America, especially I noticed that students may not have a clue about who to talk to for their questions. The help in transferring has been most useful. I had a clear idea of where I wanted to transfer but Kings has helped with me the process.

When I graduate I’d like to be either a Financial Advisor or Actuary, probably for an insurance company.”

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Maksim Kuznetsov

Maksim Kuznetsov, from Russia, has received an offer to study at UCLA (ranked 24) after taking the Kings Pathways program at Marymount California University. He is majoring in Pre Business Economics. 

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Weijun Ying (Annonia)

Weijun Ying, from China, is majoring in Statistics and Mathematics at the University of Rochester (ranked 32).

“Currently I’m majoring in Statistics and Mathematics, with a minor in French, at the University of Rochester.

This university is ideal, it’s a good environment and the students are very kind. I can pursue my studies here very quietly and just enjoy my college time.

I have to recommend Chris, my favourite advisor, he always encouraged me to push hard and to study hard to transfer here, and he always answered a lot of questions — especially those about the transfer process. Also, they had workshops to help you overcome culture shock and teach you how to study in the USA and create a good relationship with the professors. Universities in America are very different to the ones my friends learned in China — they have barely anything to do during the semester, they only have to focus on the final exams. Here we have to focus on every (piece of) homework and every project and every presentation as they all count as part of the final grade. American university really teaches you how to study by yourself, that’s how I feel about it.”

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Liao Ye

Liao Ye (Jenni), from China, has been accepted to the University of Rochester (ranked 32) where she wants to major in Business or Music.

“The reason why I chose to study in the U.S. is to get a more advanced education and to experience a different life-style. Kings and Pine Manor College staff are very friendly and patient. They helped with many of the problems I met not only in my studies, but also in how to integrate into American culture. I am going to transfer to the University of Rochester because this university has good business and music programs that interest me. I knew nothing about the transfer process. The Kings advisors helped me prepare my essays and understand requirements, which I feel very grateful for.”

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Undergraduate Preparation Program

The Undergraduate Program is aimed at improving English language proficiency to the level required for degree entry at one of our On Campus Plus partner universities.