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Extending my English course in Brighton

19 March, 2018

Kristina Kolesnikova, from Russia, came to Kings Brighton to take the Intensive English Course initially for three weeks, but decided to extend her stay. She explains why to Student Social Media Ambassador Capucine Cuirassier, and gives us her Brighton 'to do list'.

Hi Kristina, what have you studied at Kings Brighton and why?
I came to Kings Brighton at January to study Intensive English. As I was a student at foreign languages faculty my English level was good, but still I needed some practice. 

I have heard that you extended your course, can you explain why?
Firstly, I came here for 3 weeks, but I decided to extend my course for one more month, because in way of education it was better. Just after few weeks you get accustomed to education process and it can be quite useless to spend here less than a month. 

Do you have specific future plans which require good English skills?
I do not really have any specific plans which require good English skills but somehow, I think that every person should be able to speak English. And maybe in the future I will pass IELTS to become a student in British university. 

Where have you stayed and how has this made an impact on your improvement?
During my first 3 weeks, I was staying at the residence. And as far as I can see now it is the best way to improve your English. Moreover, the residence is modern and really comfortable. It is in the same building with school so that point helps you to save your time. There are many different students living there and it is very pleasant to develop your language skills while spending time with them.

What made you choose Kings Brighton?
As I know Kings Brighton is a brand-new school with high rating. So, I decided to choose it because I have got some recommendations. And now I am happy with my choice. 

What would you recommend to do in Brighton?
The best thing to do in Brighton is to try visit as many restaurants as you can. Quantity of different cuisines here is so large, that sometimes it is difficult to decide what you want to eat for lunch or dinner. Furthermore, it can be wonderful experience to be in touch with so many cultures. Also, there are some interesting entertainment places such as cinema, museums, ice rink, shops, etc. so I never feel bored here.