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A busy finish to 2017 in Brighton

2 January, 2018

John Murphy — Kings Brighton's Activity, Sports and Enrichment Co-ordinator — looks back over an activity-packed December in Brighton.

Kings Brighton finished 2017 in a strong way. It was a big year for the school — we only opened in June 2017 and it has been an exciting and busy time for all of us since then.

During the final couple of weeks of the year there were a lot of different activities. One of the activities that stood out for me was ice skating at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. There were a lot of laughs, falls and photos — it is an absolutely beautiful place to go skating. Sometimes just walking around the city at Christmas is enough too, as the streets were lit beautifully and there is always so much character in The Lanes and by the sea.

Kings Brighton students ice-skating at the Royal Pavilion; Brighton Christmas lights in the city centre; inside the Amex Stadium, Brighton.

The academic students went on a number of trips: to the Amex Stadium, home of Brighton's Premier League football club Brighton & Hove Albion, and to London to the Royal Observatory, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and for a boat trip along the River Thames.

A number of students also went to the local Art Shop and Pottery in Hove. This was a great experience as they got to create some beautiful pottery pieces. Owner Adam was a great teacher and he told many colourful tales as he helped the students get in touch with their creative sides, which they really enjoyed.

The final event of the year was a Christmas Party, organised and set up by the Student Council. This was great fun. All the music was chosen by the students and they decorated the Courtyard Café to perfection. There were lots of treats and refreshments too.

Student being shown some pottery techniques; students decorating the Christmas tree at Kings Brighton; students ready to play a game at the Christmas party.

The students danced the night away and played several games. It got very competitive during a game of (non-alcoholic) Flippy Cup, as it was a battle of the sexes with boys versus girls! The boys tried every trick up their sleeves to get an advantage but in the end there was a clear winner by four cups — which was, of course, the girls. As usual, the boys took their defeat in their stride!

At the end of the disco some of the party went home, but a few defiant students stayed and we took out the Karaoke machine and sang the night away with songs from Turkey, China and England, of course. The night was finished off with The Beatles' 'Let it Be' — and you can't finish a night in this day and age without a rendition of 'Let It Go' from Frozen.

A perfect way to end the year!

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