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Winter in LA: a place of sunny Christmases

20 December, 2017

If you live in a place where Christmastime means cold winters, you've probably wondered what it's like to be in warmer climes at this time of year. Kings Hollywood's Kayla Acosta describes the festive season in sunny Los Angeles.

It is just a few days before Christmas and the sun is currently shining at 9:00 in the morning here in Hollywood. This past week has given us more warmth than November. There are no crisp winds, no sight of children crunching through the snow on their front lawns. There are no snow shovels and no free days off due to high levels of snow or rain. There's not a pair of rain boots or ear muffs in sight.

"This is your winter?" most new students ask as they're on their tour of Hollywood on their first day of Orientation. My response is usually, "Not necessarily... it's just a cooler summer". 

Los Angeles has managed to become a place of sunny Christmases. A place where fake snow (that looks quite real) is purchased for store fronts during December. Los Angeles natives are driving from mall to mall around the city with their car windows open and tops down — Christmas shopping of course! 

Students who are from places with traditional, storybook ‘White Christmases’ find freedom from coats, scarves and beanies here in Hollywood during the holidays. It is perfectly normal to go Christmas carolling in t-shirts, jeans and sandals. It is also okay for the hot cocoa to be... not so hot.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Kings Los Angeles Hollywood!