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Producing our 'Christmas Extravaganza' in Bournemouth

19 December, 2017

Kings Bournemouth student, and Social Media Ambassador, Boris Surov had an important role in the school's Christmas play this week. He shares his behind-the-scenes experience of producing a successful show!

Every year at Kings, our academic and some EFL students make a spectacular performance, which is Christmas Extravaganza. With help of our teachers we prepare a production based on Shakespeare’s plays and show them to all school staff, host families and anyone who is willing to enjoy entertainment provided by Kings students!

This year's performance has been based on the play called 'Much Ado About Nothing' which is a comedy written by Shakespeare. I was directing drama and acting in the play and making sure that everyone could fully and clearly express themselves on the stage and pass 'the Shakespeare atmosphere' to our audience.

In fact, we had two performances to show on the same day; one of them was for our EFL students and it helped us use this time as our final rehearsal and later on the same day we performed for host families, students, teachers and everyone one else who came to see us.

I was very impressed when I saw that all actors overcame challenges which the play set for them, such as correct body language, loud speaking, remembering all lines and, of course, turning themselves into their actual characters. Their passion and dedication kept me motivated to direct, share my skills with my actors and I put as much effort as I could to create a perfect performance.

Clearly, we had many rehearsals and preparations to go through and other students and teachers helped with set design, promotion and make up which looked fantastic on the final day. Moreover, we had our great business team formed by students from CTH and International Business Foundation who showed a very high level of hospitality and managed to satisfy all our guests with food and drinks, raffle prizes and made our teachers proud!

All in all, although it was a big challenge for all of us to prepare a good play, personally I am sure that this performance has been and will always be in memories of all Kings staff, students and host families as the most splendid, spectacular, interesting and successful Christmas Extravaganza, thanks to competent team work and brilliant synergy of students and teachers of Kings Bournemouth!