One word. Family. Kings is operated with a family spirit. We like to think of our students, our partners and our staff as part of one large family. We pride ourselves on offering a genuine, friendly and welcoming environment at each of our schools and pride ourselves on longlasting relationships with our business partners, college partnerships and most importantly invest in staff retention and promote an atmosphere which makes many of our staff return year on year.

Being part of the team at Kings is a challenging experience, hard work, long hours yet a summer you are likely to never forget. Many of our staff build friendships that last a lifetime across the UK, US and way beyond.

Skills for life

Kings believes in Education for life. For our student this starts with the Young Learner experience and may build up to students joining our colleges and partner universities and beyond.

Being part of the Kings team leaves you with skills for life.

  • Communication – Teaching, delivering walking tours, explaining rules to a British or American sport… You will be required to communicate effectively with everyone at every level of the organisation — students, group leaders, bus drivers, college staff and your team
  • Leadership and critical thinking – leading off-site excursions into London, Oxford, Los Angeles or New York City, to name a few, you will be managing a group of international students and leaders. Thinking on your feet will be a breeze after this experience
  • Problem solving - You will be challenged every day to resolve issues from the health and safety of students to motivating them to follow the schedule and participate in activities and lessons with energy and enthusiasm
  • Interpersonal skills - You will model professionalism and compassion by managing a group of students, while contributing to the growth and development of each individual
  • Collaboration - You will receive on-the-ground, practical, real life training on how to work with a team and help build the culture of your Kings family
  • Creativity – Arts & crafts projects with a small group, getting students dancing at a Disco, ice breakers at the welcome party or directing the staff act at the talent show in front of 200 students – there are endless opportunities to be creative

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