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Mary Doody

Mary Doody
Director, Kings Young Learners

"I started in my role as Director of Kings Young Learners in 2014, and I co-chair Young Learners English UK.

Before becoming Director, I worked many, many summers as an Activity Leader, Teacher, Centre Manager, Programme and Operations Manager.

I continue to have great delight in seeing the wonderful mix of students having a truly international experience and learning not just from our wonderful teaching and activity teams but from each other.

I love how our staff too have memorable summers at Kings and gain great experience making lifelong friendships."

Elaine Gormley

Elaine Gormley

"My role includes supporting all of our clients: students, parents, agents and groups. I also oversee all aspects of Admissions for Kings Young Learners.

After graduating from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, I started working within the administration department in the language school sector. I joined the Kings family in 2009 and have been based at both our Kings Bournemouth school and our central office in Brighton.

I enjoy meeting international clients from all over the world and learning more about different cultures."

Hermes Sipsas

Hermes Sipsas

"I am based in Brighton, and I look after the overall programme co-ordination for our centres in the UK.

I have been with Kings since 2016 and started as an Activity Leader and Activity Manager in most of our UK centres. Shortly after graduating from the University of Bari in Italy, I started with Kings as a Programme Manager in 2018.

I love meeting people from all over the world, learning about different cultures and languages, and enjoy good food, especially in the midst of a busy summer!

Having worked on the ground in our UK centres, I was lucky enough to experience first-hand the many fantastic activities and excursions I now spend a lot of my time planning."

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Bath (Downside) Accommodation and Welfare Manager 2018

"I was offered a position as House Parent. I remember I was super scared as I had never worked as a House Parent before, but from the beginning I felt a lot of support and guidance. It was such a great position and I will never be enough grateful for the confidence that they put on me.

Working for Kings has helped me to develop a great confidence, as well as enabling me to realise that I can do things I never thought I could do! Kings continued to show me how much they take effort and hard work into consideration by offering me to be Accommodation and Welfare Manager.

I thought I was not ready for such a big responsibility, and once again they trusted me and gave me all the required support. I loved the position up to the point that I really look forward to coming back into it again!

Kings is not only a summer job to me, but also full of great experiences and anecdotes, a lot of fun and strangers who became friends and even a family!"

Malibu Center Manager 2016 – 2019

"Words can't really capture the Kings Summer experience. I'll try anyway. It's exhausting, intense, and challenging, sure, but it's also an unbelievable amount of fun.

Kings makes you feel like a part of something greater, gives you the opportunity to meet amazing international students and work with interesting people from all walks of life, and take an all-consuming break from your real life. You’ll never be able to explain it fully, but you'll never forget it either.

The end will sneak up on you. You'll have made friends and memories that will last, you'll have made a real difference in the lives of kids from around the world, and you’ll be ready to sleep for days. And, if you're like me, you won’t be able to wait for next summer to do it all over again."

New York Center Manager 2016 – 2019

"I can honestly say that working for Kings has been a positive life changing event for me personally.

Although I had already been teaching ESL in Brazil for a few years, my first summer as a teacher opened up a new world of ideas for me as a professional. From working with students in a classroom as a teacher, to assisting and guiding teachers as DOS and to overseeing the camp as Center Manager, I have learned so much about life as a whole.

It's super difficult to express one memory as being the best from the past three summers I have worked with Kings. As clichéd as it may sound, the best feeling is the smiles upon check-in. To see the excitement on the international students' faces as they arrive at the camp, knowing that our team will do the best we can to make sure their stay is as magical and educational as possible, is such an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

I highly recommend Kings Summer to anyone who is thinking of applying. Although we sign up as educators, the lessons I have learned at Kings Summer are ones that will stay with me for a lifetime."

London (Farringtons) Teacher 2014 – 2018

"I've worked with Kings for several years now and although every summer is different, every environment is the same: family. Kings is like a small family when it comes to approaching day-to-day challenges or handling the normal routine.

Whether you are a well-experienced Teacher/ Activity Leader or new to the industry, it is ideal because you learn a lot on the job and are supported by your peers and managers every step of the way. I recommend Kings to anyone that wants to get a feel of working with young people without venturing too far away from home (although many teachers and activity leaders travel from all over the world to join the team, and they love it).

I'll never forget the first week of lesson planning, the first few nights I panicked as I had no idea where to start or how in depth to make it. Without even asking, a colleague at the time stepped in and gave me a few ideas that would help get the children up and moving and used to each other. A few moments later, another colleague walked into the room, overheard the conversation and joined in. Within ten minutes I had been given so many ideas I had to cut down my lesson plan to fit the duration!

This is a common occurrence at Kings; we sit down, confer and help one another complete our daily duties. This is encouraged through daily meetings with both Teachers and Activity Leaders and it makes the entire experience an unforgettable one. There are very few workplaces you can guarantee such a level of joint commitment to complete tasks.

By the end of every summer you normally make several friends that will have you travelling across the globe to try their grandma's special recipe or see their countryside with your own eyes. Kings is a special place, and if you are a person that believes in putting your all into a role, it is perfect for you."

Malibu Assistant Activities Manager 2016 – 2019

"Kings is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. It's a fun environment with new challenges everyday.

Even though I'm from California, I never really take advantage of everything that California has to offer like the beaches or theme parks. With Kings, I get the opportunity to share in these things with a new group of kids every summer. It's so much fun to be able to take a group of kids to Disneyland and see their faces light up during the parades and fireworks shows. Those are magical moments!

To anybody who is thinking about joining the Kings family, I say 'Do it!' This is probably one of the best jobs I've ever had. The best part about the job is meeting new friends from all over the world!"

Bath (Downside) Centre Manager 2019 & Italy Activities Manager 2021

"Working for kings Young learners was one of the best experiences I had in my long summer school life.

Overseeing the school side, accommodation, the activities and having overall responsibility for everyone’s well being is a difficult task and only possible with a good team at centre and a supportive head office.

I think I was very lucky to have both. Working long hours, getting up in the middle of the night, dealing with homesickness and illness becomes a distant memory when you see the kids crying on the day they leave.

I believe Kings creates a real boarding school environment for kids. The diversity of nationalities gives the students the best possible opportunity to practice their English and make life long friendships. The same can also be said for me – I have made some great friends in my time in this industry"

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