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Mary Doody

Mary Doody

"I started in my role as Director of Kings Young Learners in 2014, and I co-chair Young Learners English UK.

Before becoming Director, I worked many, many summers as an Activity Leader, Teacher, Centre Manager, Programme and Operations Manager.

I continue to have great delight in seeing the wonderful mix of students having a truly international experience and learning not just from our wonderful teaching and activity teams but from each other.

I love how our staff too have memorable summers at Kings and gain great experience making lifelong friendships."

"This will be my 6th year as recruitment manager with Kings. I started life as an activity leader some 20 years ago and progressed from that to work as a centre manager for 6 summers. I then moved into staff recruitment

I come from Ireland but live in the Scottish Highlands with my partner, baby son and crazy Dog. I love working for our small but experienced and hands on team and enjoy my interaction with staff at centre level each season"

Elaine Gormley

Elaine Gormley
Head of Sales Operations
& Admissions

"My role includes supporting all of our clients: students, parents, agents and groups. I also oversee all aspects of Admissions for Kings Young Learners.

After graduating from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, I started working within the administration department in the language school sector. I joined the Kings family in 2009 and have been based at both our Kings Bournemouth school and our central office in Brighton.

I enjoy meeting international clients from all over the world and learning more about different cultures."

Lavinia Sciacqua

"I am based in Italy and I take care of all aspects of Admissions for Kings Young Learners.

I graduated from the University of Bari in Italy and I moved to England in 2018; I started working in Hospitality and Optics before moving on to my experience with Kings.

I started my adventure with shorts period in Christmas 2020, some half-term courses in 2021 and finally moved on to my current Admissions role in April 2022.

I enjoy taking care of each student’s journey and exploring different cultures!"

Hermes Sipsas

Hermes Sipsas
Head of Programmes

"I look after the overall programme management and co-ordination for our centres in the UK.

I have been with Kings since 2016 and started as an Activity Leader and Activities Manager in most of our UK centres. Shortly after graduating from the University of Bari in Italy, I started with Kings as a Programme Manager in 2018 and moved on to Head of Programmes in 2022.
Beyond operations, I also make sure our website and publicity materials are kept up to date.

I love meeting people from all over the world, learning about different cultures and languages, and enjoy good food, especially in the midst of a busy summer!"

Meet more of the Kings team

Bath (Downside) Accommodation and Welfare Manager 2018, 2019, 2021 & 2022

"I was offered a position as House Parent. I remember I was super scared as I had never worked as a House Parent before, but from the beginning I felt a lot of support and guidance. It was such a great position and I will never be enough grateful for the confidence that they put on me.

Working for Kings has helped me to develop a great confidence, as well as enabling me to realise that I can do things I never thought I could do! Kings continued to show me how much they take effort and hard work into consideration by offering me to be Accommodation and Welfare Manager.

I thought I was not ready for such a big responsibility, and once again they trusted me and gave me all the required support. I loved the position up to the point that I really look forward to coming back into it again!

Kings is not only a summer job to me, but also full of great experiences and anecdotes, a lot of fun and strangers who became friends and even a family!"

Malibu Center Manager 2016 – 2019

"Words can't really capture the Kings Summer experience. I'll try anyway. It's exhausting, intense, and challenging, sure, but it's also an unbelievable amount of fun.

Kings makes you feel like a part of something greater, gives you the opportunity to meet amazing international students and work with interesting people from all walks of life, and take an all-consuming break from your real life. You’ll never be able to explain it fully, but you'll never forget it either.

The end will sneak up on you. You'll have made friends and memories that will last, you'll have made a real difference in the lives of kids from around the world, and you’ll be ready to sleep for days. And, if you're like me, you won’t be able to wait for next summer to do it all over again."

New York Center Manager 2016 – 2019

"I can honestly say that working for Kings has been a positive life changing event for me personally.

Although I had already been teaching ESL in Brazil for a few years, my first summer as a teacher opened up a new world of ideas for me as a professional. From working with students in a classroom as a teacher, to assisting and guiding teachers as DOS and to overseeing the camp as Center Manager, I have learned so much about life as a whole.

It's super difficult to express one memory as being the best from the past three summers I have worked with Kings. As clichéd as it may sound, the best feeling is the smiles upon check-in. To see the excitement on the international students' faces as they arrive at the camp, knowing that our team will do the best we can to make sure their stay is as magical and educational as possible, is such an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

I highly recommend Kings Summer to anyone who is thinking of applying. Although we sign up as educators, the lessons I have learned at Kings Summer are ones that will stay with me for a lifetime."

Bath (Downside) Teacher, Senior Teacher, DoS 2014 - 2019 & 2021 - 2022

"Last year in Italy was my seventh summer with Kings, and I can’t stop coming back to it in my mind. Like to any of them. It’s such a unique and good experience for me.

When I was starting as a teacher, even having long experience, I was a bit nervous: “Will I manage teaching international kids in the UK?” I think I managed quite well, as I was soon offered a Senior teacher, and then a DOS position in one of the biggest centres – Bath Downside, a magic Hogwarts kind of place. I remember this built my confidence a lot.

Even though this was a challenge – organizing classes for so many kids, groups, teachers, sometimes working until late in the evening, I always think of summers with Kings as holiday. In the lovely English countryside, with many trips to famous places of interest in the UK, for free but in great company with fun co-workers and kids.

For me, as an EFL teacher being immersed in the real everyday native culture and language of the UK is an invaluable experience. Meeting such interesting people from all over the world is a huge part of that experience. These people, I now proudly call my friends, to the extent that I always long for another summer with Kings."

Bath (Downside) Teacher 2019 & Caterham Activity Leader 2021

"I’ve had two experiences of working for Kings as both a Teacher and Activity leader. Both times have been thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding miniature adventures. To paint a picture of my first role as Teacher, I arrived at Downside school which resembled Hogwarts and after a long day travelling was greeted and welcomed with amazing food which was a constant during my stay at Downside. The location was remote but beautiful with idyllic rolling hills and a wonderful abbey full of serene monks chanting, truly magical.

In terms of staff support I would say Kings is hands down the best “Summer School” facilitators that I have worked with, the emphasis is on having a clear timetable or rota that is manageable so you can enjoy your time and pass on that fun to the students. Whenever an issue arose such as me needing emergency dental treatment or dealing with issues with group leaders I always had the feeling that I was fully supported and Kings had my back.

My second stint as Activity leader was much the same, excellent food, support, manageable timetables, fun activities and interesting day excursions.

I would recommend working for Kings firstly because you can save money while living very comfortably as a worker for the period of your employment and any over the top expenses within reason are definitely covered by Kings. Secondly, Kings have trust in their employees to do a good job and that is appreciated, it is wonderful to be afforded the freedom to work well and - as they say - Happy Teachers will change the world.
Last but not least, these placements are excellent ways to form real and meaningful friendships, some just for the time you have together and the trials and tribulations you share but, if you are lucky like me, you will have made bonds that will last till long after the job finishes. If you do your job then Kings will look after you for sure, if you work for them enjoy it!"

Bath (Downside) Centre Manager 2019 & 2022, Italy Activities Manager 2021

"Working for kings Young learners was one of the best experiences I had in my long summer school life.

Overseeing the school side, accommodation, the activities and having overall responsibility for everyone’s well being is a difficult task and only possible with a good team at centre and a supportive head office.

I think I was very lucky to have both. Working long hours, getting up in the middle of the night, dealing with homesickness and illness becomes a distant memory when you see the kids crying on the day they leave.

I believe Kings creates a real boarding school environment for kids. The diversity of nationalities gives the students the best possible opportunity to practice their English and make life long friendships. The same can also be said for me – I have made some great friends in my time in this industry"

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