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Kings Young Learners programmes

Kings reserves the right to change prices, to cancel or change courses and to amend timetables at any time prior to enrolment and to make additions or amendments to these terms and conditions by giving one month’s written notice to all affected parties.

1. Enrolment Fee

There is an enrolment fee payable on all courses: £85 in the UK and $175 in the USA.

2. Acceptance of enrolment / deposit

We will acknowledge an application within 48 hours (Monday to Friday). Written acceptance of enrolment by Kings will be given on receipt of £205 (£120 deposit and £85 enrolment fee) in the UK or $175 enrolment fee in the USA; or full fees if booking less than four weeks in advance and constitutes a firm agreement for the period specified on the enrolment form.

3. Payment

Full fees must be received 4 weeks before the start of the course. If the booking is received more than 4 weeks before the start of the course, a £205 (deposit/enrolment fee for the UK) or $175 (enrolment fee for the USA) can be paid but the balance must be paid 4 weeks before arrival. If booking is received less than 4 weeks before the start of the course, full payment must be paid at time of enrolment.

Fees can be paid by cheque, credit card or bank transfer. Bank charges for both sending and receiving banks are payable by the sender.

IMPORTANT: when making the payment please ensure that sufficient funds are transmitted to cover the bank charges and to cover the sterling amount shown on the invoice at the exchange rate of the day.

4. Visa

We do not charge for visas for our junior courses but, if you are a visa national, please include your passport details with your booking.

Once we have received the deposit and enrolment fee, we will hold a place on the course and in accommodation and send all relevant visa documentation. Please advise us as soon as the visa is granted or refused.

5. Cancellation

5a. Cancellation due to visa refusal (all courses)

If the visa is refused, please send us a copy of the visa refusal letter. On receipt of this letter, fees and deposit will be refunded minus the £85 (UK)/ $175 (USA) enrolment fee, and minus any bank charges, and sightseeing trip if booked.

5b. Cancellation for other reasons

To cancel tuition and/or accommodation a minimum of four weeks' notice must be given in writing to Kings.
For cancellations received less than four weeks before the start of the course (due to reasons other than visa refusal), fees will be refunded minus a 4-week cancellation charge, minus the enrolment fee and minus any bank charges.

5c: Cancellation of course offering or location offered by Kings:

Kings reserved the right to alter the timetable and/or transfer students from one location or course to another.

Kings reserve the right to change the course offering or location offered. If we require you to move from a less expensive course or location to a more expensive one, no additional cost will be incurred.

If Kings cancel the booking because we are unable to open, you can receive either a full refund (minus bank charges), a credit note or we can transfer you to another location or course.

6. Withdrawal

Four weeks’ notice in writing must be given for withdrawals from a course or accommodation. Refunds will be given minus the four-week notice period. We are obliged to notify the relevant UK/US Government bodies if a student holding a current UK/US visa withdraws from a course.

7. General Notes on Refunds

  • Bank charges and enrolment fee — all refunds are paid minus any bank charges, and minus the enrolment fee.
  • Refunds are made to the fee-payer.
  • Accommodation deposits — will be refunded to the fee-payer after deductions for any disbursements or damages.
  • Late arrival — no refunds are given for late arrivals.
  • Expulsion — no refunds are given for students who are expelled from a course for disciplinary reasons.
  • Insurance — no refunds are given.
  • Our Covid Policy can be viewed here

8. Arrival/ Departure

The standard arrival/ departure day for Kings courses in the UK is Wednesday except Bournemouth, London (Beckenham), Oxford and Moreton Hall which are Sunday.

The standard arrival day for Kings courses in the USA is Wednesday and the standard departure day is Tuesday.

9. Academic and Teaching

  • In our city centre locations, courses usually start on a Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday). Testing and orientation replace lessons on the first day at College
  • In our residential summer centres, courses usually start on a Wednesday.
    Testing and orientation replace lessons on the first day (Thur).
  • During high season, classes may run in the morning and/or afternoon (or a combination of both)
  • Prices include teaching materials and use of coursebooks

All courses include a level assessment on or prior to arrival, induction and orientation.
Students who successfully complete the course and attend at least 90% of lessons receive a Kings Certificate of Achievement and an Academic Report.

10. Public holidays

In the USA Tuition is not given on the public holiday 4 July and will be replaced by organised Independence Day celebrations.

11. Beginners

Beginners are accepted on all Kings courses except Experience London (minimum level Elementary), Oxford Summer Academy and Summer Medical Programme, Caterham Leader of Tomorrow (minimum level Intermediate, and pre-test required).

12. Discipline

If work, attendance or conduct is unsatisfactory, the student will be subject to the Kings disciplinary procedures (see Policies and Procedures on our website for further detail on this). These procedures may lead ultimately to expulsion. In the event of expulsion fees are not refunded. Travel and other costs incurred as a result of expulsion must be met by the student or by the student’s parent or guardian. Attendance is compulsory for all students and is a condition of a UK visa.

Non-attendance of visa nationals is reported to the relevant government bodies. Please refer to the pre-arrival information for full details on the discipline procedures.

13. Student care

Kings is committed to the protection of all young people and to ensuring arrangements are in place for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all our students regardless of gender background or ethnicity. Our duty is to create a positive school atmosphere through our teaching and learning, and to provide pastoral support and care for both student and school personnel. To support this care it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to complete emergency contact details for any students booked on our courses. This includes providing a telephone number where a parent/guardian/agent can be contacted 24 hours a day.

14. Accommodation

Kings acts solely as agents (and not as principals) in the arranging and providing of homestay accommodation for students. The residential facilities listed in the brochure provide services and facilities only. The summer courses are run by and for Kings and there is no connection with the schools/colleges/universities in terms of operations (except Moreton Hall).

No refund is given for early departure but a charge will be made for any extra nights. All Kings Summer Centres and Summer Residences are non-smoking.

15. Liability

Kings shall not be liable under any circumstance for its failure to provide any services whatsoever if that failure is caused directly or indirectly by industrial action or by circumstances beyond Kings control. Any damage caused by a student to Kings property, to the homestay property or to a residence, whether intentional or not, will be charged to the student/s responsible. Students in residential accommodation are jointly and severally liable for shared facilities and the College reserves the right to recover costs for damage and exceptional cleaning.

Kings shall not be liable for student property that is damaged or missing during the laundry process.

16. Parental/ Guardian Consent

By making a booking it is understood that permission is given by the student's parent/ guardian for:

  • Their child/ ward to study with Kings in the UK/ USA.
  • The Centre Manager to make emergency decisions for their child while on the Kings programme.
  • First Aid to be administered, and appropriate non-prescription medication to be given.
  • Their child/ ward to receive (in the event of an emergency) medication as instructed and any emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present. (Please note that any financial charges for medical treatment remain the responsibility of the student/ parent/ guardian).
  • Their child/ ward to participate in off-site activities and excursions organised by Kings and other external providers.
  • Their child/ ward’s images, photos or comments to be used in Kings promotional materials.

17. Damage deposit

At the UK Residential Summer Centres, a deposit of £50 (or €50) per student is required. This must be paid in cash on arrival. In the USA this deposit is $100 (or €100). This is refunded after departure provided no damage has been caused or exceptional cleaning is required.

18. Holidays for short-term students

No allowance is made for students taking holiday during their course. No refund will be given for missed days and days missed cannot be added on to the end of the course. Days missing will be reported to management and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if required and certificate of attendance may be withheld.

19. Transfers

All students on Kings programmes have to be accompanied to and from the airport/station on arrival and departure as they are under the age of 18.

If students are being accompanied by a family member to the centre on arrival, or from the centre on departure, the name, phone number and a photo ID of the accompanying adult must be sent in advance to the Admissions Team. Arrival times at centre for such arrivals are 3.00pm to 6.00pm, and pick up times for departure should be between 9.00am and 11.00am.

20. Insurance

All Kings students must have appropriate accident and medical insurance. Travel insurance to cover personal property, breakages, loss and damage is strongly recommended.

Kings does not accept liability whatsoever for stolen, lost or damaged items belonging to students. Kings is not liable to you for any injury, death, costs related to medical or dental treatment, or costs related to repatriation or for any other losses, damages (whether direct or indirect), compensation, costs or expenses unless the Kings is negligent.

Insurance can be booked through Kings (please see the relevant section of the enrolment form) or through your agent. For those attending USA centres insurance is automatically added until evidence of personal insurance is presented at booking stage.

Please note that once booked, Kings insurance is non-refundable.

21. Publicity materials

Permission is given for the use of student results, student comment or opinion and images or video of students in Kings promotional materials by the student, their parents or guardian with acceptance of these terms and conditions.

22. Data protection

Any information provided to Kings may be held on computer and used by Kings in accordance with its Data Protection registration and the UK Data Protection law. Kings is obliged to provide UK contact details and attendance information to UKVI.

Full details are contained in our data protection policy:

View Data Protection policies

23. Complaints

Please refer to the Complaints policy for full details on the complaints procedures:

View Kings Policies page

24. Jurisdiction

In any dispute arising out of this contract, the parties expressly agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales/ USA having jurisdiction in the matter in question.

25. Kings Policies and Procedures

Available on the Policies page of our website:

View Kings Policies page

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