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Xiaohan Gao from China studied on the GO: Prepared and GO: 100 at Concordia College and then received university transfer offers from Brandeis University (ranked #34), Boston University (#37) and Stony Brook University, SUNY (#97).

"Chris [Progression manager at Kings at Concordia College New York] can answer any question I ask him. Kings helped me get in touch with the schools, help prepare the documents and transcripts the schools require. Kings is good at this."

"Kings helped me get in touch with the schools, help prepare the documents and transcripts the schools require"

Below is an interview from when Xiaohan was still at Concordia with us.

Why did you choose to study at Kings Concordia?

Because it's a great opportunity for students to transfer into top universities in the States. They are a great connection point to reach the goals I have.

What is your favorite class, why do you like it?

My favorite class is Accounting. I like it because it provides the fundamental knowledge of Accounting, which is rather important when pursuing higher education and my future career plans. It's a basic skill for everyone in contemporary society.

What class do you find more challenging, and why?

I find Management Information Systems to be challenging because it's a lot of content to memorize. Basically, you have to memorize everything, which can be a little bit intimidating. It's a lot to absorb all at once.

In order for you to get to your dream school, how did Kings staff guide you through the process?

Kings staff did everything to help me through selecting schools, the Common application process, preparing all the documents step-by-step. If you miss a step, they help you to check on the status. It's helpful because I may forget about things, so it’s helpful to have someone there to solve the problems.

Which student activity did you enjoy the most?

Kings did movie nights sometimes, with popcorn, drinks and candy. This is a good social activity and helps you better communicate with local people since it helps you learn the culture. You can fit in better. Also, the school is really close to NYC, so you can easily get there and do whatever you want — visit museums, go shopping, see all the best spots in the world. It's amazing.

What is your favorite part of living in NY?

The best part of living in New York is going into Manhattan. It's a modern city — always busy and glamorous. There is anything you want here. The restaurants are so good, and the food is delicious here. It provides the perspective of living in a top city in the world, in which you encounter so many people from different countries. It really helps you to get used to foreign life. And also to practice English.

Is there anything you wish you’d prepared before starting school?

Take the tests that you need to, including SATs. Be prepared for the stress that may come and learn more English. Get to know the basic knowledge of your core curriculum. When you do, you are more prepared in class, and can achieve higher grades. This will make your life easier, since you’ve prepared for the challenges.

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