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Chen-Hsi from Taiwan was admitted to Boston University for Hotel Administration

"Kings helped me with all the application process"

"I always wanted to go to college in the US so I did a lot of research and then applied to seven schools, all extremely competitive. At the time I didn't get in and by then I had missed the deadline to apply to alternative schools.

So I found the Kings Pathways program in an Expo back in Mexico City and I saw that Kings had already placed students at the schools I had applied to. I talked to one of the representatives there and I saw that Marymount was the best campus for me because all the other choices would allow me to transfer anywhere but the California campus was more specifically designed so I could transfer to all the UCs (University of California).

What happened to me, happened to a lot of my friends: they applied to different schools, didn't get in and ended up having to stay home as they couldn't find anything.

Here I was helped choose the courses I would need to transfer to specific schools, they helped me identify the right universities for what I was looking for, corrected my essays and basically Kings help you present the best version of yourself and to get the things you need to go where you want to go."

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