Marin from Japan studied on the GO: 50 program in Wisconsin and was accepted by the University of Georgia as a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student.

"In Japan, the university system is not as flexible. I had to decide what department I wanted to enter before I started university, which I was not prepared to do. In the United States the system is much more flexible and I had time to explore different options, making sure I knew what I really wanted to study. Additionally, I wanted to be fluent in English. I felt that coming to study in the United States would help me improve my English. I think the opportunity to learn English is very useful because it allows me to communicate with more people around the globe.

"I want to earn a degree in Biochemistry because I would like to pursue a career in the medical field. I would one day like to be a doctor."

I have job shadowed various roles in the medical field. Doing so, I met a doctor who I found to be very inspirational. He is the one who inspired me to pursue medical school.

After I complete my undergraduate degree, I would like to pursue medical school in the United States. Eventually, I would like to go back to Japan to practice medicine."

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