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Join the elite

It’s easy to accept second best and go for the easy option.

We think differently.

Our unique Guaranteed Outcome (GO:) programs include exceptional levels of personal support from Kings.

We’ll make you a student capable of joining the elite. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

On the world stage.

Global recognition

Top US 100 universities have some of the highest global recognition.

These are powerhouse universities. Kings students are succeeding at these – and many others - right now.

A lifelong asset

It’s an increasingly competitive world.

An elite degree from a Top 100 US university will always have global power and influence.

Your Top 100 degree will be powerful asset for life which will always open new doors.

Wherever your career takes you.

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Maximizing your Potential

Elite universities demand elite students. They are looking for more than just great grades.

We’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

We’ll ensure you develop to become not just the type of student which the Top 100 universities accept each year. But a student who will thrive and excel once you are there.

We’ll make you a Top 100 student.

Improving your GPA

To transfer to your dream university, you will need an excellent GPA.

Kings specializes in improving your GPA score throughout your time on campus.

So by the time you transfer you’ll be at the level demanded by the best.

You. Improved.

How the 6-part Kings ProfileBuilder maximizes your student profile.

1. Profile Analysis

We will analyze:

  • your academic strengths
  • your intended major or final degree
  • your options for public or private universities
  • the TOEFL level you need for transfer

2. Profile Building

We will help you with:

  • writing a great Personal Statement
  • improving interview skills
  • joining community and volunteering activities
  • choosing clubs and academic societies
  • maximizing available scholarships

3. SAT Prep

We will provide:

  • Up to 16 hours per week of intensive SAT prep
  • 3 hours of instructor-led sessions per week
  • 15 guided independent study sessions per week
  • Course materials and diagnostic testing
  • Test dates and registration info

4. Care and Support

We will support you with:

  • specialized care from our Advising Center
  • settling in and adapting
  • developing strong links with University faculty
  • timely and effective communication

In addition, students taking the GO: Prepared Program also receive:

5. Academic Guidance

We will give you:

  • weekly lesson plans, seminars and assignments
  • access to modern learning technology
  • regular subject and major guidance
  • skills to improve note taking, listening, speaking, writing, editing and proofreading
  • up to 10 hours of weekly guided private study

6. Personal Assessment

We will ensure you have:

  • regular tests, assignments, assessments and exam practice
  • opportunities for 1:1 counselling
  • regular teacher feedback and meetings with advising staff
  • a formal report

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