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The final outcome of your 4-year degree is all that matters.

It’s not where you start. What’s important is where you graduate.

With Kings Guaranteed Outcome (GO) programs you don’t have to accept second best.

We’ll set you on a clear, streamlined path so you graduate only from a top-ranked university.


Top 100 Guarantee

Guaranteed acceptance to a Top 100 university.

Or we’ll refund a full semester’s tuition.

Kings Guaranteed Outcome programs guarantee admission to a Top 100 university.

That’s because with Kings you don’t need to choose a lower ranked university today which closes off better options tomorrow. As you develop and improve as a student you’ll always have choice.

First you’ll enroll at a small, friendly college campus. It’s the perfect starting point for your degree. We’ll be there to support you all the way.

Then, when you are ready, we’ll help you transfer to a Top 100 university. You’ll join as a second or third year student. You can transfer to any Top 100 university. Or you can follow one of our dedicated transfer pathways, for example to The University of Rochester or UW-Madison.

It’s a system which works. Year after year.

It’s why we are confident in offering our Top 100 Guarantee to every student.

José Antonio Flores

Summary Terms and Conditions

Kings guarantees an offer from at least one Top 100 university based on students meeting certain conditions.

These include:

  • Meeting all transfer school requirements
  • Maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA
  • Maintaining a good disciplinary record
  • Applying to a set number of transfer schools on time
  • Attended required regular advising sessions
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GO: Guaranteed Outcomes

Go Rochester

Transfer to the University of Rochester.


Go 100

Transfer to a Top 100 university.

GO: 100

GO: Prepared

Get ready for your Top 100 degree.

GO: Prepared

Go Madison

Transfer to UW–Madison.

GO: Madison

GO: Medicine

Start at Fisher College Boston and complete your degree at St.Georges in Grenada.

GO: Medicine

Go 50

Honors Transfer to a Top 50 university.

GO: 50

GO: Oregon

Transfer to University of Oregon.

GO: Oregon

"When I first came to the US I didn’t know anything about the application process and didn’t even know where I wanted to go, but Kings really helped me with the whole process and got me to the university of my choice."
University of Southern California
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