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In Years 1 and 2 you will complete the Associate of Arts and Science (AAS) degree at UW–Oshkosh. This is the foundation for many college majors and for your bachelor’s degree at UW–Madison.

The program provides a two-year, general liberal arts-based academic program in which you will build up transferable credits. You will study fine arts and humanities, mathematical and natural sciences, and social sciences.

Great location
  • It is located in Oshkosh, on a 184.6-acre campus.
  • Student housing is on the campus

Meet the Kings support team

Total support from Kings

The Kings support team on campus is here to help you.

We’re with you whenever you need us. And for as long as you need us.

Maximizing your potential

Elite universities such as UW–Madison demand elite students.

We’ll help you become the student who won’t just transfer to Madison, but who will thrive and succeed once you are there.

Ensuring a 3.2 GPA

To transfer to Madison you will need at least GPA 3.2. We specialize in helping you improve your GPA score while you are on campus.

Developing your academic profile

We’ll develop your academic and personal program to ensure you are a stand-out student.

Our Profile Builder Program includes:

  • Profile Analysis
  • Profile Building
  • Academic Guidance
  • SAT Prep
  • Personal Assessment
  • Care and Support
"I feel that my dream is coming true."
University of Wisconsin–Madison
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