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Complete your degree at the University of California

After two years at Cal State Fullerton, students can transfer to complete their degree at the University of California (or another Top 100 US university:

Two years at Fullerton and then transfer to UC system

This is your ideal option if you:

  • want a broader choice of universities from which to graduate
  • are attracted to some specific majors and concentrations not offered at Fullerton
  • are seeking an easier pathway to a reputable public university degree
  • want the most cost-effective degree

Note: All rankings US News & World Report.

UC requires a minimum of 60 transferrable credits for all transfer applicants. This is why you will need to spend your first 2 years at CSUF.

The University of California

The University of California (UC) schools are large public research universities, and are widely considered to be among the best public universities in the US.

All UC campuses are within the US top 100, with most ranked in the top 50.

All UC schools are extremely competitive.

In 2022, UCLA received a record number of 149,700 applications for freshman entry.

The typical Freshman acceptance rate for UC schools is just 10% to 15% of all applications.

Applying as a Junior (Year 3) student having had two years at a US university will make your chances of acceptance much, much higher.

map of UC campuses

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