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1. Enrol

Enroll as a Freshman in California, New York, Boston or Oregon.

  • You'll take degree classes with American students from day one. There's no 'Year 0'.
  • Kings staff will be on campus to support you throughout.
  • This Honors Program demands a commitment to extensive work both inside and outside the classroom.
Support from Kings
2. Transfer

Transfer after 2 – 4 semesters to a Top 50 university. Guaranteed.

  • We'll help develop your student profile to become a 'Top 50' student.
  • You'll usually need at least GPA 3.5 to be considered for entry to a Top 50 University
  • Kings expert University Advisors on campus will support you all the way. They make the transfer process straightforward.
Top university transfer
3. Graduate

Graduate from your chosen Top 50 university.

Remember: Your graduation Diploma will be from the Top 50 university you transfer to, not from the campus where you started!

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You’ll be awarded your degree Diploma from the Top 50 university, not where you started!

You’ll graduate from a university which would have been extremely difficult to enter straight from home.

You’ll still complete your degree in just four years even when you transfer — the same as any American student.

Because our partner universities offer full bachelor's degree programs, transfer isn’t compulsory.

GO: Prepared

If you need extra English, study skills and academic experience before your degree we recommend our unique GO: Prepared Program.

It’s taught by Kings on campus.

GO: Prepared
"When I first came to the US I didn’t know anything about the application process and didn’t even know where I wanted to go, but Kings really helped me with the whole process and got me to the university of my choice."
Rice University
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