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Support at California State University – Fullerton

Academic and Career Support

You will be assigned a Kings Progression Advisor on the first day of Orientation to set up personalized study plan. This will enable you to earn as many credits as possible and transfer to your dream university.

Your KPA will help you:

  • help you to register for classes
  • support you in making your major choices
  • identify and provide additional support if you need it
  • give you formal Progress Reports four times a year
  • provide various online and offline resources to prepare for TOEFL, SAT or ACT.
  • support you with writing assignments
  • work with you to draft and perfect resume and cover letters
  • help you to find volunteer opportunities or activities that are associated with your field of studies

Campus Life Support

  • Before you leave home, you will meet your Kings Progression Advisor (KPA) online to get you ready for your departure
  • We’ll support you in setting up a bank account, local mobile phone and offering local city guide
  • Students can participate in Global Titans Buddy program
  • We will be on hand to help you navigate your life at CSUF (e.g. housing)
  • We’ll help you connect with campus resources
  • We will create and implement fun social events and trips for you can enjoy (e.g. Disneyland, NBA games, Universal Studios)
  • We’ll help you set up an appointment with a doctor or dentist or help you find a specialist
  • You can contact your Kings advisor via your preferred communication channel: WeChat, LINE, KakaoTalk, WhatsApp, iMessage.

University Transfer Support

The Kings Progression Advisor will also guide you through your transfer options for Year 3 entry

You KPA will:

  • assess your previous academic history and will assist you in collecting necessary documents
  • meet with you at least twice a month / a minimum of 20 hours per year
  • help research universities appropriate for your major and research admissions requirements for target universities.
  • arrange and guide target university tours as well as select university tours in southern California such as UCLA, UCI, UCSB, UCSD, USC, Chapman, Loyola Marymount with free lunch and transportation. You will meet with professors or admissions staff at each university.
  • help you gather recommendations
  • set up a mock interview to improve your admission interview skills and techniques
  • help boost your student profile
  • host regular workshops and seminars such as the overview of U.S. Education system, building student profile, the Common Application, standardized testing, transfer application and essay, etc.
  • help you accept a transfer offer and complete transfer paperwork
  • guide you through the university application process as well as help with personal statement development and essay writing
  • help you communicate with the admissions department of your chosen universities
  • support you with researching for scholarship opportunities

Find out more about the how we maximize your potential and provide expert transfer advice

How often do I meet my Progression Advisor?

In addition to the monthly Kings Workshops, you are expected to meet with your KPA at least once per month, every month you are at your host institution, regardless of your academic status or transfer progress. Even if you do not plan to transfer, you still need to check in with your KPA monthly.

Our most successful students meet with their KPAs more frequently, especially while they are preparing applications.

It is common for a student applying to schools to meet with their KPA weekly. There is no limit to the number of meetings you can have with your KPA, but our schedules do get very busy during application season, so it is always better to make an appointment before coming in!

List of Sample Workshops

  • Intro to Pathways and the US Higher Education System
  • Profile Building
  • Choosing a College
  • Writing the Perfect Essay (Personal Statement)
  • Constructing a resume
  • Transfer Application/Common Application/Supplemental Essays
  • Standard Exams (TOEFL, SAT)
  • The Final Steps (Final Application Documents)

How do I meet with my Kings Progression Advisor?

We will provide you with a link to schedule appointments.

This is the best way to make sure your advisor will be available to meet with you at your preferred time.

You can also drop by our office for appointments anytime during standard US business hours. Keep in mind that students who have made appointments will always be seen before students who drop in at the same time.

How can I contact my Kings Progression Advisor?

Your Kings Progression Advisor is available to answer questions via email, Skype, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Line, and WhatsApp during standard US business hours.

Email is best for asking longer questions or sending documents to your specific KPA.

Messaging apps are a great way to send short questions or messages to the KPA office. We hope to hear from you soon!

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