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Sample University Application Plan

The University Application Plan (UAP) is thorough, carefully managed process. It runs in parallel with your degree program.

Your personal Progression Advisor will guide you through UAP during the year.

It requires the same discipline and attention as you will apply to your academic program.

Below is an indicative sample timeline. The actual program timeline may vary according to location.

August / September

  • Focus on maintaining your grades.
  • Your extracurricular activities are equally important.
  • Join clubs, take up sports, get involved in volunteering — this is how your application will stand out when the time comes to submit it.
  • Workshop: Introduction to US higher education
  • One-to-One: Meet your Progression Advisor to discuss extracurricular plans.

October / November

  • What kind of university? Small or large; public or private; city or rural?
  • What do you want to study? We can help you narrow down your choices.
  • Where do you want to study? Build a list of 3 ‘dream’ schools and 2 ‘safety’ schools.
  • What is your timeline? You can transfer after two, three or four semesters. You might decide to wait longer in order to be best prepared for a top school.
  • Which tests do you need? As a second-year transfer student you might not need to take standardized tests or TOEFL.
  • Workshop 1: How to choose a university
  • One-to-One: Meet your Progression Advisor to discuss interests, plans and options.
  • Excursions: Organized visits to progression campuses begin.
  • Workshop 2: How to manage deadlines and keep organized.

December / January

  • Prepare your applications.
  • Ask for letters of recommendation.
  • Prepare your supplemental questions, essays and personal statements.
  • Workshop 1: How to write the perfect college essay.
  • Homework 1: Write your personal statement. Decide where to seek letters of recommendation.
  • One-to-One: Review and edit your documents with your Progression Advisor.
  • Workshop 2: Introduction to Common Application.

February / March

  • Complete your applications
  • Obtain your transcripts
  • Following up/further research
  • Begin researching scholarship opportunities
  • One-to-One 1: Meet your Progression Advisor to review applications
  • Research: Investigate scholarship opportunities
  • Homework 1: Follow up on applications
  • Homework 2: Review your Pathway report to establish your target school entry requirements
  • One-to-One 2: Discuss your Report with your Advisor and agree next steps

April / May

  • Final decisions are made by universities
  • Respond to offers quickly
  • Prepare final documents and deposit to secure your place
  • Go celebrate!

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