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1: Overview

Designed for students who:

  • Need to improve their English before starting their degree
  • Need skills and experience to succeed at university in the USA
  • Want the potential to earn college credits while working on their English *
  • Want the potential of content-based learning to acquire practical and global leadership skills

Key facts

Available in

  • Boston 
  • Los Angeles 
  • New York 
  • Wisconsin 
  • Oregon

Start dates

  • January
  • March / April
  • June
  • September


  • 1-4 terms

Maximum class size

  • 15

Academic requirement

  • Completed Senior High School
  • OR Enrolled on the High School Completion Program

English language requirement

  • TOEFL iBT 20

Minimum age

  • 16

Learning outcomes

  • Time management, organizational, and coping skills for a full-time undergraduate course load
  • Ability to recall and organize information from academic lectures and articles
  • Experience writing clear, well-supported essays of a variety of lengths
  • Reading strategies and note-taking skills for identifying main ideas and supporting details
  • Broadened knowledge of liberal arts education subjects and major field of interest
  • English language proficiency level appropriate for entry into a US college or university
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to build relationships with student peers and professors
  • Balance course load and extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, volunteering
  • Experience cultural diversity 
  • Awareness of various communication styles
  • Expansion of cultural sensitivity
  • Development of flexible and adaptable thinking

2: Course content

The GO: Prepared Program develops essential skills for degree study.

  • Key academic skills development includes college level reading, writing, study skills, and research techniques.
  • Exploration of topics related to desired majors
  • Shared cultural experiences integral to collegial life and study location
  • Accrual of up to 6 college credits toward a future degree (location specific).

6 areas of study

1. Study, Organizational, and Functioning Skills

  • Set goals to manage time and deadlines established by professors
  • Take clear, concise notes 
  • Learn to summarize and paraphrase
  • Identify main ideas and supporting details in academic texts
  • Use grammar and writing conventions required for undergraduate level papers
  • Work in groups effectively 
  • Navigate the US undergraduate school application process, including writing a personal statement or letter of intent

2. Undergraduate Seminars (below are sample topics)

  • Utilizing and applying the knowledge gained from campus visits in a practical manner
  • How and when to get academic support
  • US University Life and Academic Success
  • University Placement Test Prep
  • The College Admissions Game
  • Transition Advising Conferences
  • Explaining Liberal Arts
  • Email Protocol
  • Mini Sample Lecture
  • Using the Library
  • Time Management
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Organizational Skills
  • Volunteerism/Community Engagement

3. Guaranteed visits to local leading universities

  • Participate in organized visits to leading local universities at least once per term. 
  • View facilities and compare amenities on different campuses.  
  • Prepare for potential university interviews by meeting and talking with faculty. 
  • Talk to students to gain firsthand information about experiences at various colleges.
  • Use information gained during university visits to facilitate the application process

4. Global Leadership module

  • Dedicated series of relevant lectures and seminars
  • Possible focus on degree-specific subjects such as Agriculture or Finance
  • Support for active participation in college sports, clubs and societies
  • Organised volunteering opportunities within non-profit organizations
  • Structured visits to top universities
  • Opportunities to bridge the gap between Academics and the workforce through contact with local entrepreneurs
  • Focus on independently utilizing community resources to promote growth and leadership

5.English for Academic Studies

  • Use the style of language and vocabulary appropriate for undergraduate level coursework 
  • Develop techniques and strategies for completing academic reading and listening tasks
  • Increase your vocabulary, especially words found frequently in academic texts 
  • Summarize facts and information from a wide range of texts
  • Organize factual information clearly and coherently, orally and in writing
  • Describe the main argument in a text or presentation
  • Express ideas and opinions logically and confidently using appropriate language
  • Participate in a classroom discussion, to explore ideas and exchange ideas
  • Write college level essays and research papers 

6. TOEFL Test

  • If necessary, a TOEFL Test can also be arranged as part of the GO:Prepare program.
  • However, many universities will waive their TOEFL requirement once a student has completed the Program and demonstrated a level of English appropriate for degree-level study.

3: Progression

You can expect to progress by approximately 10 – 15 points on the TOEFL iBT range each term.

This is the average achieved by students who attend class consistently and do all of their assigned classwork and homework. You will be formally assessed upon arrival, twice per term, and prior to finishing your program.

If you are a fast learner you may progress at a quicker rate. Students who proceed slower than the average rate can easily follow an additional term until they achieve the required level.

Once you complete the required GO:Prepared level, you can proceed directly and automatically to your degree course.

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