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Student progression stories

Meet some of our most recent alumni below.
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Davyd Fridman

Davyd Fridman from Ukraine wants to major in Computer Science. He did his first year at Rider University and he has now been accepted at Rice University (#14) as well as University of Michigan (#28) and Boston University (#37).

"The US University system is very different from what we have in the Ukraine. When I had some kind of issue or problem I came to Kings staff on campus and they told me what to do, who to talk to at Rider University".

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Evgeniia Bulatova

Evgeniia Bulatova from Russia did Years 1 and 2 with us and has now been accepted at UCLA (#21), UC Santa Barbara (#37) and UC Riverside (#124).

"I came straight from Russia to the US and I was a bit scared. Kings want to make sure you have a successful future. This is what I wanted from them and they gave me this!

After two years I can see I have more experience and knowledge about what I can do with my future.

You have to study hard but thanks to Kings I got accepted to my dream school."

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Jeonghoon Kim

Jeonghoon from South Korea did Year 1 and 2 with us and has now been accepted by UC Berkeley where he plans to major in Chemistry.

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Larry Sukharya

Larry Sukharya is from Indonesia. He has been accepted as a transfer student to major in Business/Finance at University of Southern California (#21 nationally).

"When I first came to the US I didn’t know anything about the application process and didn’t even know where I wanted to go, but Kings really helped me with the whole process and got me to the university of my choice."

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Hui Shan Tan (Isabel)

Hui Shan Tan (Isabel) did the first two years of her degree with us. She applied to transfer to nine schools and has to date been accepted by seven of them, including University of Michigan (#28) and Pepperdine University (#46) to study Communications.

"Kings helped me a lot in choosing what subjects I needed to take for transfer. A lot of students don't know what subjects can have their credits transferred. I would not have known the process of how to transfer either. I am not American, I don't know how American universities work so Kings really helped me on that."


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Olesya Iosipchuk

Olesya Iosipchuk is from Russia. She did her Year 1 at Rider with us and she has been accepted to the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill (ranked 30) to major in Biology (Pre-Med).

“When I have some difficulties I could always go to the Kings team on campus and ask for their advice. Based on my results and GPA, they recommended the best university choices.

I was nervous at the beginning but you shouldn't be nervous at all. The American students here at Rider are so helpful. They really like international students and they are really ready to help. And the professors–they are brilliant here."

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Xiaohan Gao

Xiaohan Gao  

"Chris [Progression manager at Kings at Concordia College New York] can answer any question I ask him. Kings helped me get in touch with the schools, help prepare the documents and transcripts the schools require. Kings is good at this.“

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Yurou Liu
from Hong Kong

Yurou Liu is from China and she wants to major in Psychology. She has received offers from the University of Rochester (#34) and University of Wisconsin-Madison (#46).

"America and China have a different education system. I think the studying abroad experience really opened my eyes. You meet different people, meet different cultures and it opens your mind".

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Elizaveta Volnova

Elizaveta is from Russia. After spending her freshman year at Concordia College with us she will be transferring to Boston University (ranked 37) to major in Film and Television. 

"When I started at Concordia with Kings, I thought they were a family of people who wanted the best for me. Everytime I went to a meeting with my advisor, I felt he was really interested in me going to the best school. I got a accepted to Boston University which was my first choice so I am happy about it.

When I heard back from BU I think I just screamed at the top of my lungs because I was so happy I got accepted."

Read a full interview with Elizaveta in Kings Life

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Kateryna Kzhemanovska

Kateryna from Ukraine was accepted to Boston University (ranked 37) and Fordham University (#61).

"Kings will do everything to make my dream come true".

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Minjung Kang

Minjung Kang from South Korea did her first year with us and has now been accepted at Rutgers University-New Brunswick (#69) and LIM College to major in Fashion Merchandising.

"At Kings I learned my writing skills and marketing design. They revised my essay for my transfer schools. I was able to adjust better by having Kings with me."

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Mengyuan Li

Mengyuan Li (Molly), from China, was accepted to Cornell University (ranked 14) to major in Food Science.

“I've been accepted to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell University to major in Food Science. The Food Science program in Cornell is probably the strongest program among U.S.

The Kings program is quite helpful because you can reach advisors anytime you want. But you need to take the initiative with your transfer plan and make it as soon as possible. Once the plan is made, act it out sturdily.”

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Zifeng Zeng

Zifeng Zeng (Sam), from China, received transfer offers from six universities — UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Davis and UC Riverside — and is majoring in Philosophy at UC Berkeley (ranked 21).

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Olga Korovkina

Olga Korovkina from Russia is majoring in Economics, with a minor in Marketing, at the University of Southern California (ranked 21).

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Luis Enrique Chavez Rubin

Luis from Mexico has been admitted to USC W.V.T. Rusch Undergraduate Engineering Honors Program for Mechanical Engineering (#11 national ranking).

"I always wanted to go to college in the US so I did a lot of research and then applied to seven schools, all extremely competitive. At the time I didn't get in and by then I had missed the deadline to apply to alternative schools.

So I found the Kings Pathways program in an Expo back in Mexico City and I saw that Kings had already placed students at the schools I had applied to. I talked to one of the representatives there and I saw that Marymount was the best campus for me because all the other choices would allow me to transfer anywhere but the California campus was more specifically designed so I could transfer to all the UCs (University of California).

What happened to me happened to a lot of my friends, they applied to different schools, didn't get in and ended up having to stay home as they couldn't find anything.

Here I was helped choose the courses I would need to transfer to specific schools, they helped me indentify the right universities for what I was looking for, corrected my essays and basically Kings help you present the best version of yourself and to get the things you need to go where you want to go."

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Sau Yip Tang

Sau Yip Tang, from Hong Kong, was accepted to transfer from Marymount California University to the University of Southern California (ranked 21).

“Marshall School of Business (USC) has always been my dream school. Kings Education has assisted me in many ways throughout my application process. The staff are experienced, professional and efficient. From academic advising to essay review, my advisor Theary provided me with thoughtful feedback on my transfer essays. Frankly speaking, I would not have been able to overcome this without their tremendous help. Thank you Kings.”

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Reyner Yapin Gohan

Reyner Yapin Gohan is from Indonesia. He was accepted to both the University of Southern California (ranked 21) and the University of California, San Diego (ranked 42) and is continuing his studies at USC.

“Kings have been really helpful in terms of transferring, and helping first hand to get started in studying in America, especially I noticed that students may not have a clue about who to talk to for their questions. The help in transferring has been most useful. I had a clear idea of where I wanted to transfer but Kings has helped with me the process.

When I graduate I’d like to be either a Financial Advisor or Actuary, probably for an insurance company.”

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Youjung Kang

Youjung Kang (Eugene) from South Korea received offers to transfer to UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, UCS Riverside and UC Santa Barbara, to major in Material Engineering.

"When it came to apply for transfers, I applied to all UC universities as I was very nervous about getting a place.

I got offers from UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz and two days ago UCLA.

When I got the offer from UCLA I was screaming! My girlfriend was so happy and my parents said: "Really good job".

When I first arrived, I could only say: "Hi", "Yes", "No". I didn't know how I would survive. But time has passed and my teachers and friends helped. Kings really helped me."

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Maksim Kuznetsov

Maksim Kuznetsov, from Russia, received an offer to study at UCLA (ranked 21) after taking the Kings Pathways program at Marymount California University. He is majoring in Pre Business Economics. 

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Ho Man Wong (Jacky)

Ho Man Wong is from Hong Kong. He is majoring in Economics and East Asian Studies at New York University (ranked 30).

“I’m currently studying Economics and East Asian Studies at NYU. I’ve always been a fan of economics and wanted to know more about the business world and I found that economics actually gives me the practical tools to analyse the world in an efficient way, to help me tackle a lot of social problems and also to help me predict the next economic trends. All this information has been very helpful for me to move on to the business world in the future.

When I first came to America I studied at Pine Manor College in Boston. I remember at that time, I was kind of ‘fresh off the boat’ and didn’t have many friends, and no network. What Kings provided me with was the network and connections – from that they also gave us good guidelines and tactics in terms of how to move on and transfer, how to progress to where we want to get in the future. All these things were very helpful for me as a person, and a student, to grow.

The reason I picked NYU is firstly, that New York City is the best city you can find – possibly in the world. Here it’s very diverse and you can meet anyone. I’ve made a lot of interesting connections, meeting different friends and understanding their cultures, so this has been really interesting and exciting for me as an experience.

Other than that, if you go downtown, you can find the financial district, where Wall Street is located, where many headquarters of the multinational companies are located. You can also find the international World Trade Center, so in terms of business opportunities, this is a like a goldmine to most students, and compared to a lot of other cities, and countries, here there are tonnes, millions of start-ups, which provide different internship experiences that some students definitely have to explore in order to progress smoothly into their professional pursuits.

I plan to graduate from NYU in 2 years and I’m currently seeking different internships. I hope to eventually pursue management consultancy as my professional goal. Right now I’m studying a lot of strategic and analytical skills in business, and meanwhile I’m also  interning in different companies. I hope that eventually I can become a management consultant and help companies improve their situation.“

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Weijun Ying (Annonia)

Weijun Ying, from China, is majoring in Statistics and Mathematics at the University of Rochester (ranked 34).

“Currently I’m majoring in Statistics and Mathematics, with a minor in French, at the University of Rochester.

This university is ideal, it’s a good environment and the students are very kind. I can pursue my studies here very quietly and just enjoy my college time.

I have to recommend Chris, my favourite advisor, he always encouraged me to push hard and to study hard to transfer here, and he always answered a lot of questions — especially those about the transfer process. Also, they had workshops to help you overcome culture shock and teach you how to study in the USA and create a good relationship with the professors. Universities in America are very different to the ones my friends learned in China — they have barely anything to do during the semester, they only have to focus on the final exams. Here we have to focus on every (piece of) homework and every project and every presentation as they all count as part of the final grade. American university really teaches you how to study by yourself, that’s how I feel about it.”

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Xi Zhai

Xi Zhai (Urania), from China, transferred to the University of Rochester (ranked 34) after completing her freshman year at Pine Manor College.

“It’s been a really good experience studying at Pine Manor – it is not very big so it’s easier to make friends here, you can see almost every students face in the school. I have a lot of friends, some are American, some come from other countries like Korea or Haiti, or Ghana.

I chose to do the Kings pathway because it would offer me flexible choices and help me to transfer to the other universities. I’m very happy with the support from Kings. We can make appointments with our advisors any time, like during these days because I’m busy applying to transfer universities, I sometimes make appointments twice or three times a week and they’re happy to help.”

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Hoi Kan

Hoi Kan (Tommy) is from Hong Kong. He has an offer to major in Psychology and Music at University of California Santa Barbara (ranked #37).

"When I arrived here, I didn't know anybody and nobody knew me so I thought, I am going to take on everything that comes my way. This way I got involved in lots of things at MCU."


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Yiting Wang

Yiting Wang from China received offers from UC Santa Barbara (#37) and UC San Diego (#42), to major in Business and Music.

"Kings helped me with my personal statement. The most competitive schools require job experience and Kings guided me."

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Sebastian Arboleda Martelo

Sebastian Arboleda Martelo from Colombia received offers from Boston University (#37) and Eastern Nazarene College, to major in Engineering Physics.

"I really like inventions, innovation and doing new things so I think that is what I am going to pursue. After college I want to work in startups rather than for big companies because I feel that at this age it is more important to learn about passion and how to start a new enterprise. I want to learn and I want to experience.

Kings helped me a lot. Since the beginning, when I had a few problems. I think everything good that's happened to me since I got here is because of the help from Kings, without them I would be lost.

I think I have changed a lot because coming to a new country, new college and experiences, that puts you in front of new responsibilities. I like that, I enjoy change. I want to keep moving. I am grateful to everybody who has helped me get to where I am right now.

When you go to a new country, you get to know a lot more about yourself than you do about the new country!"

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Ekaterina Prokopeva

Ekaterina Prokopeva, from Russia, is studying Computer Science at Boston University (ranked 37).

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Xueyun Li

Xueyun Li (Helen) from China wants to major in Accounting. She recently transferred to Boston University (#37).

"I really want to say thank you so much. At Boston University it is different because they need to take care of so many students while at Kings we have the personal friendship, we can talk to the tutors and advisors. Everything they taught me is so useful to me."

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Zehua Zhao (Harry)

Zehua Zhao is from China. He is currently majoring in Computer Engineering at Boston University (ranked 37).

“When I first came to the US, I had no idea how to transfer from college to college. The advisors at Kings were really nice, they helped me step by step to transfer from Pine Manor to Boston University. On many other aspects Kings also really helped, like the essay writing, preparing materials – they were really helpful.

As a Chinese student at first, when I first came to Pine Manor College, I was so overwhelmed. How could I talk to the others? How could I respond to the teachers in the classes? But soon I noticed that professors and advisors, they’re there for you, they’re just all set to go — to help you and guide you, and soon I got totally fine with the studies, and life here in the US. I really enjoy it, I love studying in the US.

When I finish the undergraduate program here at Boston University I think I’ll apply for the Masters program, maybe here at Boston University, but I will definitely look for opportunities across the river at MIT – that’s kind of my dream school. Before that I’ll definitely find internships because companies here in the US really value internships.”

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Daria Shiryaeva

Daria Shiryaeva, from Ukraine, is currently majoring in International Affairs at Northeastern University (ranked 40).

“Right now in my country there are some political and economic problems, so I thought I would be really wonderful to somehow help my country and study international affairs.

I didn’t know what major to choose, so last year I went to Kings and they helped me a lot in deciding which major to choose and what to study. Moreover they helped me to choose the university, and they helped me to believe in myself and choose what I want to do in my life.

The advice I would give other students is study harder. You have to relax from time to time, but you need this balance in your life where if you want to party, of course you can, but if it’s time for you to study just do that, and don’t be, as the Americans say, ‘a slacker’! So, just try to find this balance in your life, and study, and reach your goals.

When I finish university I’m planning on staying in the US, but if that doesn’t work for me I’ll go back to my home country and having a degree from an American university will help me a lot in finding the best job in my country.”

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Jinwei Sun

Jinwei Sun (Kiwi) from China received offers from UC San Diego (#42), UC Irvine (#42), UC Davis (#46) and UC Riverside (#124), to major in Business and Economics.

"I was involved a lot in the residential hall and I am currently a senator in the Marymount Student Government association.

When I first arrived to America, I could barely speak any English. Kings helped me with the language barrier and gave me the opportunity early on to communicate with American students.

There have been times when I was disappointed and tempted to give up and Kings helped motivate me, encouraged me and told me not to give up.

I wanted to study abroad but I didn't know what the steps were. Kings helped me take the first steps and get to know the American system."

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Sojeong Lee

Sojeong Lee (Rachel) had offers from University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Maryland-College Park and University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, to major in Biochemistry.

"I studied Biology at Concordia for two years and then applied for several schools. I have received offers from three universities and I am awaiting replies from other schools. I will transfer at the end of this semester.

It is very difficult for international students to transfer as it is a complex process with lots of paperwork. Luckily Chris [Progression Manager at Kings New York] helped me with that. He also helped me assess the schools and choose. International students don't have a family in the US and Kings can give us that support." 

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Giovanna Zeloni Rinaldo

Giovanna Zeloni Rinaldo is from Brazil. She was accepted to the University of Miami (ranked 46) to major in Journalism.

“I would say [the On Campus Plus pathways program] is the best option for international students. It’s difficult moving to a different country, adapting to the language, the culture, the place, the people, it takes time, and Pathways allows you to accommodate for that. It’s easier than arriving somewhere where people are already established and everyone does their own thing. I highly recommend it and would do it all over again if I was about to come to the US for the first time.”

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Tengyuan Liang

Tengyuan Liang (Seven-Eleven) from China had offers from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (#52), George Washington University (#56), University of Wisconsin-Madison (#46) and Purdue University. He accepted the offer from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, to major in Business Management.

"I had two choices as I didn't have an SAT score or a high school diploma: University of South Florida or Kings Pathways. USF's overall ranking is #110 and I didn't want to go there because it is hard to transfer. So I chose Kings and I have already got offers from three universities [ranked 46 to 56].

Kings were very patient and understanding. They helped me so much with my application. I recommend to future students to communicate as much as possible with the professors and don't hang out with other Chinese students but try and speak English as much as possible."

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Beom-Gyu Park

Beom-Gyu Park from South Korea accepted an offer from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (#52) to major in Psychology and Finance.

"If I had to give advice to future students I would say, learn English, learn to study, don't be shy. Participate a lot. During my first semester in Boston I traveled to the South of the US and I volunteerd to help victims of Hurrican Katrina. We built houses and helped distribute food. Before I left home, people warned me about racism in the US but I would say don't be concerned about it. I haven't experienced it."

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Qi Zeng

Qi Zeng (Victor) from China accepted an offer to major in Finance at Ohio State University (#54).

"Coming to the US to study was challenging at first as I didn't speak English. After two years at Concordia, I am satisfied with the way I speak. Kings taught me English and taught me how to write an essay, which is an essential skill for college in America. Kings also introduced me to a lot of American schools, not just the ranking, but the best ones to offer internships."

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Ho Jun Kim

Ho Jun Kim from South Korea chose to major in Industrial Engineering. He had offers from University of Washington (#56), University of Maryland-College Park (#61) and University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (#69). 

"Coming to the US to study was challenging at first as I didn't speak English. After two years at Concordia, I am satisfied with the way I speak. Kings taught me English and taught me how to write an essay, which is an essential skill for college in America. Kings also introduced me to a lot of American schools, not just tha ranking, but the best ones to offer internships."

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Yuting Zhang

Yuting Zhang from China is majoring in English and Music at Rutgers University–New Brunswick (ranked #69).

"I want to major in English as I want to be an English teacher when I go back to China. When I first arrived I was shy, worried about my grammar but now I am confident. Kings is like a home. My advisor helped me to modify my personal essay, to make it more interesting."

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Alroy Syadavirya Soeparto

Alroy Syadavirya Soeparto from Indonesia received an offer from Loyola Marymount University (#3 in Regional Universities West), to major in Business and Accounting.

"I always recommend to family and friends who are interested in studying in the USA, to go to a smaller university first, like Kings at MCU. In this environment it is easier to adapt to the culture. There is a big difference between East and West and here at MCU Kings helped me a lot."

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Min Pen

Min Pen (Penny) from China graduated from Marymount California University after choosing to stay for all four years of her Business Administration degree.

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Yubo Cai

Yubo Cai (Bob) from China is majoring in Business at CUNY–Baruch College in Manhattan.

"Kings helped me a lot because they can select the perfect university for me, such as Baruch. They know which major is suitable for me. I think coming to Kings first is a good choice because at first you can practice your language skills and if you feel uncomfortable you can stay for more than one year and Kings can help you. I have a media production company and I am learning management and I hope to use the knowledge I am gaining here to better manage people."