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University Pathways
Q: What are the differences between a Kings pathway program and a community college course?

A: There are many differences between the experience in a Kings pathway program and the community college route. 

Kings Pathways classes are much smaller than a general community college class, averaging less than 25. 

Kings Pathways students have access to a wider variety of classes and a greater ease taking the core requirements needed for progression.  As a result, whereas community college students often spend extra time completing their programs, Kings Pathways students remain on track to graduate in only four years. 

When it comes to faculty, you’ll find a greater number of full-time professors with doctorate degrees than at a typical community college. 

Pathway students are guaranteed accommodation on campus, whereas most community colleges do not provide housing. 

Lastly, Kings Pathways include support throughout the program which will help you get into the school of your choice.