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FAQs Graduate USA

What are the benefits of the Kings Graduate Preparation Program compared to an English language pre-sessional?


A: The English language pre-sessional is delivered by the university you choose for your Master's program so it will be the best choice if you already have an offer from a particular university for a particular Master's degree and you only need to improve your language fluency.

The advantage of our Graduate Preparation Programme is that you are not tied to a particular university, you are given time to acclimatize and find further information about the wide range of subjects and degrees you can study at graduate level in the USA and our advisors can help you apply for the best Master's degree for you.

If I do my Graduate Preparation Program in one particular Kings location, do I need to do my Masters there as well?


A: No, upon completion of the Graduate Preparation Program you can go to any university of your choice. You can of course, stay at one of our host University partners (Rider University, Concordia College, Marymount California University), choose one of our progression partners or beyond.

Progression options will be discussed with you following your application but also after your arrival and during your Program. Our aim is to find the best Masters degree and university match for your needs, ability and aspirations.

I want to go to a top 20 graduate program, will I get in?


Top programs are extremely competitive and average students will find it difficult to be accepted. This doesn't mean it's impossible. Many top schools look at a variety of factors during the application process. Kings Advisors will work with each student to create a strong application that we can submit to a number of schools, some that are extremely competitive and some that are considered "safety schools".

What is the timeline like from my arrival to when I would start university in America?


Most universities will require a completed application submitted at least a couple months before the start of the new semester. Most applications will require a certified English exam, like the TOEFL. They could also require graduate level tests such as the GMAT or GRE. Kings Advisors will discuss these application details as soon as possible so that students' timeline expectations are set correctly.

When will I be able to start graduate school?


Once accepted, you can start the first available semester after reaching the school's entry requirements. Please keep in mind that many schools require applications far in advance. Our team will counsel you and assist you with the application process the whole time to ensure you are on track. Please share any desired study plan at the time of application.