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University Pathways
Teaching and learning

Expert teaching, dynamic learning

At Kings, our years of experience preparing international students for success mean that we know exactly how to maximise your learning potential. As well as helping you achieve exam success, it's important to us that we prepare you thoroughly for the rigours of university study in a more general context too.

Highly qualified teachers

At Kings, we ensure that you are taught by the very best people. For this reason, we make sure that:

  • All of our teachers are subject specialists
  • Most of them hold a second degree or equivalent qualification, including PhD
  • Most Foundation teachers are also A-level teachers

Very small classes

By having small classes, we ensure you'll have close teacher contact at all times, and therefore that you'll make the most progress.

Our class sizes are as follows:

  • A-level/Extended A-level: 4 – 8 per class
  • GCSE, Extended Foundation, Advanced Level Foundation, Art Foundation and English for Academic Study: average 8 – 10 per class
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management Foundation/Diploma: 8 – 14 per class
  • International Business Foundation: 10 – 14 per class

Highly intensive academic curriculum

With an intensive academic curriculum, you'll be sure to have the knowledge and skills you need to pass your exams.

The academic curriculum at Kings comprises:

  • Average 21 – 24 hours’ class study per week
  • Lectures in semester two and regular tutorials (September Foundation start)
  • Academic challenges e.g. Maths and Science Olympiad
  • Academic visits embedded into the curriculum
  • Extensive private study and study skills support

Academic enrichment

Carefully designed to equip students with general life skills and develop broad interests and experience, the Academic Enrichment programme includes PHSE plus  physical education or creative activities.


Private study time

With plenty of private study time, you'll gain vital personal learning skills for university-level study.

We'll teach you the disciplines and techniques of independent study needed for success at university, and you'll have:

  • Regular coursework and homework
  • One hour of private study required for each class hour

Personalised learning experience

With a fully personalised learning experience, you can make sure you are fully equipped for the path you want to take.

Your learning experience will include:

  • One-to-one tutorials
  • Small tutorial groups
  • Lectures
  • One-to-one university counselling
  • Target setting
  • Developing individual learning plans
  • Revision clinics
  • Workshops
  • Presentations

Regular personal assessment

Regular personal assessment means that you'll remain on track to meet your goals at all times. Throughout your time with us, you'll benefit from:

  • Regular meetings with your Director of Studies
  • Regular tests and assessments
  • Detailed feedback from your teachers
  • Written assignments, which count towards your final grade (Foundation)
  • Regular examination practice (A-level)
  • Formal report twice per term (with copies made available to your parents via the Parent Portal)

Monitoring your own progress

Monitoring your own progress is essential for success in higher education, and at Kings you'll get plenty of practice and training in how to do this. With us you'll:

  • Receive expert guidance on how to monitor your own learning process
  • Understand when and where you need extra help
  • Take personal responsibility for your own study
  • Reflect on and manage your own achievement

Interactive learning technology

At Kings, it's important to us that your learning experience is varied and enjoyable. One way we achieve this is through interactive learning technology, which includes the following:

  • ClassMate: the Kings supplementary online learning zone
  • Interactive whiteboards with internet connection in classrooms
  • Free wireless email and internet plus IT resources
  • Listening and media centre for English language development