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University Pathways
University progression

100% of the Top 30 universities in the UK have accepted our students. They all recognise that students from Kings arrive at university having been expertly prepared.

100% of recent A-level students gained places at the Top 37 universities.

The number of A* grades achieved in 2018 was 75% above the national average and A*-A grades achieved was 44% higher than national average.

34% of all Advanced Level Foundation students achieved 75% or higher (equivalent to A, A, A at A-level).

The table below shows Top 30 universities where Kings A-level and Foundation students have been accepted. For a list of results for the past two years go to our Student Outcomes page.

Universities are listed by ranking, according to The Times Good University Guide 2019, published in September 2018.

purple tick for Kings a-level students indicates A-level students

pink tick for Kings foundation students indicates Foundation students

1 University of Cambridge     16 University of Nottingham
2 University of Oxford     17 University of Glasgow
3 University of St Andrews   18 University of Southampton
4 Imperial College London     19= University of Bristol
5 Loughborough University   19= University of Manchester
6 Lancaster University   21 Newcastle University
7 Durham University   22 University of York
8 University College London     23 University of Surrey
9 London School of Economics     24 Royal Holloway, University of London
10 University of Warwick   25 University of Sheffield
11 University of Leeds   26 University of Aberdeen
12 University of Exeter   27 University of Dundee
13 University of Bath   28 University of Edinburgh
14 University of Birmingham   29 University of Essex
15 University of East Anglia   30 Swansea University