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University Pathways
Extended A-level

Key information

Start dates:
8 April, 9 September 2019; 6 January, 6 April and 29 June 2020
Course length:
7–10 terms (including 2-year A-level)
Class size range:
Average 21 hours per week (plus homework and private study)

Entry requirements

Completed 10 years of schooling with proof of excellent results
Minimum of IELTS 4.0 or equivalent for the 10-term programme.
Minimum age:

Sample pathways for the Extended A-level programme at Kings

Sample pathways for the Extended A-level programme at Kings

The course

The Extended A-level is for students with lower language levels who want to follow a main A-level course.

It consists of 1-4 terms of intensive language tuition and some academic subject classes plus the 6 terms of A-level programme.

Whether you need to enrol on the 7, 8, 9 or 10-term programme will depend on your level of English.  

Skills the student will develop

The fully integrated tuition system develops your learning and study skills as well as your language skills. The course will enable you to:

  • understand the UK education system
  • become familiar with the style of language used in academic texts
  • increase reading and writing speed
  • enlarge your vocabulary, especially in relation to academic subjects
  • learn to identify key facts and information from a wide range of texts
  • learn to organise and set out factual information clearly and coherently, orally and in writing
  • learn to identify and analyse the main argument in a text or presentation
  • learn to express ideas and opinions logically and confidently using appropriate language
  • learn to challenge the ideas of other and present contrasting views
  • master the different types of assessment task used in the A-level exams

Mentoring and support

We have specific students welfare and support policies in place for all students who are under 16 years old. 

Specialist homestay provision

All students of 14+ are automatically allocated our Homestay Extra service for the highest levels of comfort and support.

  • Host specially selected to provide the highest levels of support for under 16s
  • Regular contact with student’s parents on request
  • Guaranteed within walking distance of college
  • Comfortable, welcoming accommodation
  • Large, single, well-furnished bedroom
  • Television in student’s room
  • Private bathroom/shower room
  • Bed linen provided
  • Full board meals (lunch at College Monday to Friday)

Guardianship services

International students under the age of 16 must have a UK-based guardian when they come to study in the United Kingdom.

Kings Colleges uses the specialist services of Oxford Guardians.

Oxford Guardians offers a comprehensive and personal guardianship service for international students which includes:

  • Pre-arrival pack and help with all pre-departure documentation
  • Meeting on arrival in the UK and regular personal contact throughout the study period
  • Support in practical, emotional and health matters
  • 24-hour telephone contact service

Course structure

IELTS preparation

There is a focus on English language development. This includes preparation for the IELTS exam so that you reach a minimum of IELTS 5.5 for progression to the main A-level course. 

Academic English development

You will also develop specific language skills relevant to your academic subjects, for example English for Mathematics and English for Science.

Subject enrichment classes

Between one and four double sessions per week are devoted to subject enrichment classes.

There are four broad subject areas:

  1. Humanities: Topics are related to Human Geography, Politics and History. 
  2. Business and Enterprise: Topics are related to theories and practice in business.
  3. Scientific Investigation: Topics based around Biology, Physics and Chemistry using practical laboratory work as the basis for scientific investigation. 
  4. Social, Creative or Physical Education: The Kings Academic Enrichment programme is also followed each week. Subjects include PSHE, Creative Arts or PE.


Clear language targets are set for each term. These are measured both formally and informally throughout the term to ensure you remain on target.


Successful completion of the first 1-3 terms of the Extended A-level means you will have progressed by an average of IELTS 0.5 every 12 weeks studied and you can proceed directly to the main A-level syllabus at Kings.

On completion of the A-level programme, you will then be able to progress to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree anywhere in the UK.