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University Pathways
Personalised care and support

Your specialist support team

At Kings, we have a complete team of specialists in place who are here to ensure you develop and grow — academically, personally and socially. It begins with the carefully managed, intensive two-day induction programme before term starts, and continues throughout your time with us.

1. Group Tutor: will be your constant point of reference for support and advice throughout your course.

2. Subject Teachers: will provide specialist expertise in your chosen subjects and will work closely with you to develop your subject knowledge and experience.

3. Director of Studies: will interview you during your first two weeks, will oversee your development and will be available for support and advice throughout your course.

4. University Counsellor: will work closely with you to help you choose your university and degree course, and will help you with the entire application process.

5. Accommodation Officer: will ensure you are secure and comfortable with your host family or in your student residence or house, and is always available to resolve any problems.

6. Welfare Officer: will help you with any personal or emotional needs you have, and is always available for friendly advice and support.

Specialist support for Under 16s

Talented students who are not yet 16 have the potential to thrive within the UK education system, but need the personalised support which is the hallmark of Kings.

This consists of:

  • Full supervision during college hours Monday-Friday
  • Welfare Counsellors, including some in student's own language
  • Regular contact with students’ parents on request
  • Full-board meals (lunch at school Monday to Friday)
  • Specially selected homestay accommodation, within walking distance

UK Guardianship

We believe that a UK-based guardian is of considerable benefit to a student’s general development, academic progress and emotional wellbeing. 

This is a legal requirement for all students under 16, and at Kings it is a minimum requirement until the end of the term in which the student becomes 16.

However, we recommend that each student has a guardian in place until they reach 18.

Student visa information

Studying in the UK

If you live outside the European Union, you will almost certainly be classed as a visa national and will need to obtain a visa before you can study in the UK.

If you are a European citizen living within the EU, you will not need a visa to student in England.

If you are classed as a visa national, depending on the length of time you wish to study you may require a student visitor visa or a general student visa.

For the latest information and guidance, we suggest you visit the UK Visas and Immigration website.

Pre-arrival information

Well before students leave home, we will provide them with all the information they need to ensure their new learning journey is a happy and successful one.

They will have all the details about how to find the person who will meet them at the airport, and about their host family or residential accommodation. We’ll also send them information about what to do on their first day at the college.

Visit for student information about living and learning in the UK.

Student insurance

When you travel to the UK to study, you need to be confident that everything is done to make sure you are protected and safe.

Insurance for UK-bound students

We have developed an insurance policy which is especially designed for international students in conjunction with Endsleigh, a major UK insurance provider.

The insurance policy gives a very high level of cover and will protect you against loss of possessions as well as accident or emergency.

For full policy details, please visit the Admissions page.

Specialist support for Oxbridge and medical school applications

We also have dedicated support plans for students wanting to apply for the most competitive and demanding degree courses. 

Degrees at Oxbridge

Students aiming for the elite universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge, need more than simply strong academic ability. They also need broad intellectual skills, sophisticated cultural and social awareness plus familiarity with the interview process. 

Our specialist Oxbridge guidance provides practical advice, interview practice and sessions to develop deeper cultural and intellectual awareness.

Degrees in Medicine 

Gaining a place to follow a Medicine course at undergraduate level in the UK is very demanding — with 8000 applicants for only 600 international places. 

Applicants must take a specialist medical Ability Test and achieve a very high score.

At Kings we provide specialist support for students wishing to follow this path.

We will develop your skills and experience in taking the Ability Tests and will ensure you have a dedicated Senior Mentor to support you through the application process. We also guide your early research procedures to help you choose the most suitable Medical school and will support you in your visits to Medical schools.

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