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Graduate Preparation in the UK

If you are intent on a Masters degree at a leading UK university,

Kings is the smart choice to make sure you achieve your ambition.

We have partnerships with some of the leading UK institutions

which means we can counsel you towards the best options for your needs and abilities.

Our alumni

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Olga Sorokina
from Russia

Kings helps students achieve their goals through effective teaching, highly-qualified and experienced teachers and a friendly atmosphere. I am going to become a professional interpreter in my country after graduating from university. 

England is a wonderful country, very diverse, with strong traditions, beautiful nature and the most dynamic and amazing city-capital London."

Olga studied on the Graduate Preparation programme at Kings London

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Trang Thuy Do
from Vietnam

“I chose Kings because they have a good reputation, and because almost all students go to good UK universities. Also, the staff seemed really helpful.

I’m interested in stocks and shares, business things, so that’s why I decided to study economics. First I thought about doing a business course, but my teachers suggested that I study economics instead because it’s more general and might be more helpful to me. If I decide to study business after that I can do it as a Masters. 

I made a lot of good friends from many different countries (at Kings) and the teachers were really nice. I went back to Kings last month actually and stayed from 10-5 talking to them all! When I talk to them I feel like we are friends, rather than teacher-student."

Trang Thuy Do is studying Economics with a year in industry at the University of Kent

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Chuhan Zhang (Zinia)
from China

Kings teachers are very supportive, the teachers are great and your classmates support you. You always have someone to talk to and it made me feel at home.”

Chuhan Zhang is studying for a degree in Engineering at Exeter College, University of Oxford

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Maria Vyskubova
from Russia

"I'm studying the Graduate Preparation Programme in order to prepare myself for a degree in journalism at Oxford University, and I'm confident that this course will help me to do so. It has helped to improve my writing skills, which is very important for my future field of study. The teachers are great because they have helped me with my understanding of academic English and with the structure of essays at Masters degree level."

Maria is studying on the Graduate Preparation Programme at Kings Oxford

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Rong Han (Gladys)
from China

“I’m doing Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh. So far it’s been an interesting course – really fun, and it contains loads of subjects.

I think Art and CSS were very useful at Kings. Before I came to Kings, I never had any art courses in China, so I didn’t have any drawing or modelling classes before. It’s why I chose the Kings course in Oxford specifically."

Rong Han (Gladys) took the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings before winning a place to study Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh

Our Graduate Preparation in the UK