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The perfect bridge from school to university

We make the experience of transitioning to a new way of learning smooth, supportive — and lots of fun.

Total support

  1. During the application process and pre-arrival
  2. Intensive two-day induction programme before term starts
  3. Throughout your time with us

Your specialist pastoral support team

1. Group Tutor

Your constant point of reference for support and advice

2. Accommodation Officer

If you are from overseas, ensures you are secure and comfortable with your host family or in your student residence. Always available to resolve any problems.

3. Welfare Officer

Helps you with any personal or emotional needs you have. Always available for friendly advice and support.

"Before Kings, we were in a boarding school and because of class size the teacher couldn't focus on individuals. When we came here the class was way smaller and the teachers were more supportive."

Mental health and mindfulness

We take mental health issues extremely seriously. There is provision at every college for services to provide practical support and advice.

We also run programmes on mindfulness which can help with issues surrounding anxiety and homesickness.

Guardianship for international students

If you are an international student under 16 you must have a UK-based guardian when you come to study in the UK.

However, we recommend that you have a UK guardian until you are 18.

We are able to advise you on suitable guardianship providers who we know offer a comprehensive and personal service.

A guardian will provide:

  • Pre-arrival pack and help with all pre-departure documentation
  • Meeting on arrival
  • Regular personal contact
  • Support in practical, emotional and health matters
  • 24-hour telephone contact service
  • Specialist homestay provision
  • Regular contact with parents on request

Specialist support for Under 16s

This will include:

  • ​Full supervision during college hours Monday – Friday 
  • Welfare Counsellors, including some in student's own language 
  • Regular contact with students' parents on request
  • Full-board meals (lunch at school Monday to Friday)
  • Specially selected homestay accommodation, within walking distance

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