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Your specialist learning support team

1. Group Tutor

Your constant point of reference for support and advice.

2. Subject teachers

Subject teachers provide specialist expertise in your chosen subjects. They work closely with you to develop your subject knowledge and experience.

All teachers are subject specialists. Many hold a second degree or equivalent qualification, including PhD.

3. Director of Studies

The Director of Studies interviews you during your first two weeks, oversees your development and is available for support and advice throughout your course.

4. University counsellor

The University counsellor works closely with you to help you choose your university and degree course. Supports you during the entire application process.

5. Group Learning Support Coordinator

Our Group Learning Support Coordinator has a wealth of experience in meeting the needs of students.

She/he works with each of our schools to assess students who have additional or complex needs. She/he also provides on-going training so that our teaching and support staff can better support students with particular needs.

The Group Learning Support Coordinator is a qualified teacher with an MEd in Educational Psychology. She/he has extensive experience working with special educational, social, emotional and behavioural needs within international schools.

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