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Wing Kwan Tse (Jojo) studied the Kings Advanced Level Foundation before progressing to the University of Glasgow to study Psychology.

"I found that university life is much different from the foundation year in Kings. Unlike the small class sizes at Kings, in university we have over a hundred students in a lecture hall. So we have a chance to meet different people. Also, there are many clubs and societies in university, some of them are organised by departments, some of them are sports clubs. Students have a wide range of choices.

I like Glasgow very much. It is a big city and we have got an underground here. There are many historical buildings, the University of Glasgow is one of them.

The foundation year in Kings helped me to build up a good base for going to university. The skills of writing a research essay are very useful now. In CSS (Communication and Study Skills) lessons, we were taught how to write a research essay. So now, the skills that I learned last year help me a lot. Also in Data lessons, Raj taught us how to use Excel for doing statistics and I found that they are very useful now, because we need to do some statistics when we write a lab report."

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