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Timofei Fedotov studied A-levels at Kings before winning a place to study Engineering at the University of Oxford.

We met up with him during his first week at the University to hear about his experience so far.

"The atmosphere of this place is good and when you walk past the buildings and explore the labyrinth of this old city, it's just really nice.

The academic staff are very helpful. During our Freshers Week and even during Maths Week they did a lot of induction — they explained a lot of things and always try to help when you have any questions. I feel like I’m getting all the help required for my first year.

Kings help you with your university statement, they helped me to do the mock interviews when they found out I was applying to Oxford, they helped me to prepare for tests and obviously they played a huge part in preparing me for the A-level exams, which were a condition to get in to Oxford."

"Kings played a huge part in preparing me for the A‑level exams"

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