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Sungmin Lim studied the Advanced Level Foundation and is now at Loughborough University (#7 ).

Hi Sungmin. What degree are you studying here at Loughborough?

I’m doing International Business.

What were you thoughts when you arrived here?

It’s quite different to what I thought. I’d been to York University, which is quite traditional and has old buildings etc, but it’s different at this university. It’s all new – all the buildings are new and there are fantastic sports facilities.

Yes it has a reputation as being a very good university for sports – do you do any here?

Yes it has, and yes, I play ultimate Frisbee!

Of everything you learnt at Kings, what has helped you most so far?

I think time management is the most beneficial thing. Kings has scheduled programmes, we had classes from 8.30 til 5, with some breaks, but it’s a more compact schedule than at uni. It’s easier at uni than at Kings! Time management and punctuality I learnt from Adam, my course director!

You won a scholarship from Kings – is that right?

Yes, because of the exam scores. It was great! I was surprised to get it.

Did you enjoy your time at Kings?

Yes, it was really nice. I made good friends and the teachers were always supportive and helped me to get in to university.

"Time management and punctuality I learnt from Adam, my course director!"

And you’re happy with your university?

Yes, I am.

Do you know what you’d like to do after you graduate?

Actually I’m starting to think about that now. I could go back to my country (South Korea) or could do a Masters, or could find a job here. I’ve got a few years to decide!

My work placement might help me decide.

Do you know when you need to start organising the placement?

From now because usually the first year exam score doesn’t affect our final year score, but when we get placements we have to use our first year score. We’ll be applying from August/September to famous companies like PNG.

Will you get help from the uni?

Yes, they support us because it’s compulsory to do a placement. They help us with our cv, with other information, Today is the placement fair actually.

Where would you like to work?

I think in a big city like London or Manchester. Loughborough is quite small!

What advice would you give to someone considering the Kings Foundation, and going to Loughborough University?

I would recommend it. Loughborough is a bit less famous to international students than others, but it is a great university. It’s quite highly ranked.

What was it that made you come to do a degree in the UK, rather than another country?

Well, I heard there are lots of Korean students in the USA for example. I know myself and if I went there I would definitely have hung around with Korean students. Also the UK is a good place to study, and also I like football! I support Arsenal!

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