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Nina Hasebe studied the Advanced Level Foundation before progressing to King's College London to study Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

"I chose Kings London because my high school diploma wouldn’t be accepted here, so I needed a kind of stepping stone into a UK university, and Kings London was the perfect choice for me.

The staff were very helpful in helping me choose which universities I was interested in, what subjects I was interested in and they helped me set up meetings with students who had gone to universities I was interested in, and helped me meet up with them so I could speak with them about their experience at university.

For me it helped as I was constantly thinking about my next steps and if you’re trying to juggle your first year at university with getting used to a whole new country and new life, that can be quite tough. I think Kings helped because it gives you a structured idea of what academic life might be life when you go to university. I think it was a really good step to getting an English undergraduate degree."

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